D&P’s Old Partners Suggest That They’re Still On The Dole


So, as Socon or Bust readers know, we’ve been complaining for over a year now that D&P still has not released the identity of their partners.  Since the supposed “reform” of this pseudo-Catholic organization, both LSN and Socon or Bust have busted more of their current partners’ anti-life policies:

52 Eastern Radio FM 101.9 Sierra Leone Contraception SCB
53 APROFISA Haiti Contraception/Abortion SCB  LSN
54 Development & Peace Canada “Reproductive Health” SCB
55 NGO Forum on Cambodia Cambodia Abortion LSN
56 CRIPIDES El Savador Birth Control SCB

So, as you all can see, the pro-abort gravy train keeps rolling on.

But we’ve just stumbled on another little lacuna just now.  Apparently, as D&P enters its mid-life crisis and the leaders of this pseudo-Catholic organization meet this weekend to figure out how they can keep the money flowing from the Canadian bishops while appeasing their socialist base, a couple of their not-so-former partners have come out of the shadows.  I say not-so-former partners because, although their names have been scrubbed from D&P’s website, the cash apparently keeps flowing.

Check this letter out.

Let us all reflect on our gains and the sacrifices and hard work through abiding partnership that made them possible. Let these experiences be our inspiration to strive further and work better for our vision, mission and goals.

The end of the letter is signed by D&P’s Filipino partners.  Two of those partners, Freedom from Debt Coalition and PETA were busted by Socon or Bust a long time ago.  But I guess they couldn’t resist in letting D&P know about their “abiding partnership”.  LifeSite News exposed Freedom from Debt Coalition in a more comprehensive report.  Freedom from Debt Coalition is a big pusher of the so-called “Reproductive Rights” bill that the Catholic Church is desperately fighting right now.

What guarantees can the Canadian bishops give the Catholic Church in the Philippines that Canadian money is not being used by the condom and abortion-pushers to help over turn pro-life laws?

The Canadian bishops need to answer this question and demand an answer from D&P leadership.

Why indeed would D&P reveal the identity of their partners?  As the saying goes,  “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

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