D&P using Catholic Church to spread Green propaganda

From a reader from his experience at Mass this past Sunday…

This morning, I nearly stormed out of the church. They had allowed a presentation by the communist subversive organization known as Development & Peace. 

We all know about their unholy alliances with pro-abortion groups, but this year it went much further. It was a 7 minute spiel about global warming and environmentalism.  Pure political propaganda cloaked with a veneer of “Christian” words tossed in.  If not for the fact that I was warned these nutjobs were going to speak after confession this morning, and that I prayed for self-control, I most certainly would have gotten up and walked out and possibly given them a piece of my mind. 

I watched in disgust as fellow parishioners heeded their call to sign “solidarity cards” and give donations. I left immediately after feeling as disgusted and defiled  as i would had i woken up in a brothel after a wild night of drinking and debauchery.

I may very well never go back. The demonic in the air was palpable.   Don’t these people know ( I refer to the bishop who authorized this, and the sheep who go along with it. The D&P activists are well aware that they are corrupting the church with Marxism) that it is impossible to ally oneself with the anti-global warming crowd and remain true to church teaching? To subscribe to the heresy of anthropogenic global warming  is to  agree, eventually to throw the church teachings on contraception, abortion and marriage under the bus.

I come to church to hear truth spoken , not lies. And this morning we were fed damnable  lies by nothing less than the local teaching authority of the church itself: the Bishop. That he could permit such a vile organization to openly spread outright lies like that in the church, before the official dismissal is unconscionable.   In years past they would be low-key and ask for funds to help with some projects, but this year the talk was unabashedly political. all the environmentalist buzzwords were there.

Today I am absolutely ashamed of my church… I feel drained and defiled instead of refreshed and renewed after Mass. 

 This morning,, I really had the sense that God had left the building.

 D&P is not what i signed up for. As God abandoned the northern kingdom of Israel, and later Judah for idolatry, it felt as if He had turned his back on us this morning.

 Sorry, but that is how I feel.

 Best regards,
Socon or Bust Reader

4 thoughts on “D&P using Catholic Church to spread Green propaganda

  1. Curious, if MaterCare International is turned down by CIDA for a request to help maternity care in Africa, because they won’t support reproductive care (abortion). I kind of wonder what the proposal for funds which are granted to D and P looks like?

    I too, am dismayed at our Church promoting D and P until they truly toe the line to Catholic teachings.

  2. I don’t think it’s heretical to believe in Global Warming or to believe that certain human actions may contribute to it. That being said global warming should not be used to promote abortion, contraception, sterilization, anti-human/anti-life sentiment or population control.

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