D&P Members Imply That Getting The Approval Of The Local Bishop is “Extreme”

We are very concerned for these people in the South. Indeed, in an attempt to satisfy these extremists, Development and Peace decided to require each partner to obtain a letter of support from the local bishop in order to receive financial aid. There is a risk of depriving some partners for financial support required.  (Source)

Development & Peace propaganda machine now showing its true colours and its rebellious, “autonomous” nature….

(Use Google Translate, if you want to get a rough translation of it in English.)

What?  We’re not all one big happy family?  We want to be independent of the bishops?  Sorry, ladies, that’s not how the Catholic Church works.

Somebody told Dad, and now Dad is going to put his children in their place.

My friends, as I have said many times on this blog, once the local bishop’s permission becomes a requirement before D&P partners get any money, the jig would be up for Development & Peace.  And we all know why too.  The fact that D&P is calling in the favours in the secular press means that D&P is reading the writing on the wall.

The end is near.

No more gravy for the Marxists and the enabling Pro-Abort wing of the Church.

The Lord’s sword is about to strike.

p.s. Notice that the Executive of D&P don’t have the guts to write the column themselves.  They just tap their membership to do it.

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