D&P Supporters Reveal True Colours

VANCOUVER, November 15, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) – An outspoken supporter of the Catholic Church’s Third World development arm says the Catholic Church should help the poor instead of save the souls of “lost sheep.”  Ted Alcuitas, senior editor of Vancouver’s Philippine Asian News Today, strongly supports Development and Peace. Alcuitas has sharply criticized the Vancouver Archdiocese’s Advent campaign to invite inactive Catholics back to church, saying the money would be better spent on the poor. “Do we need to spend half a million dollars…to win back our lost sheep? Definitely not,” he said.

Mr. Alcuitas blasted The B.C. Catholic for being “obsessed with one issue – pro-life” and accused the archdiocesan newspaper for mounting “a relentless attack on…D & P (the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace), simply because it believes what a U.S.-based, evangelical right-wing website alleges.”

This is in reference to LifeSiteNews.com’s ongoing investigative reports on D&P’s problematic funding relationships with organizations in the Third World that advocate for the decriminalization of abortion.

“It is this kind of tunnel vision by the B.C. Catholic that excludes other gospel teachings like the social encyclicals and focuses only on pro-life issues that is driving some Catholics to leave the church,” Mr. Alcuitas concluded, citing his own children’s departure from the church as evidence that the church is “irrelevant.”…(Source)

There might be a tendency in our religio-milksop land to label “social justice” and “pro-life” as the end of the extremes in the ongoing intramural battle among Catholics.  That’s of course not the truth.  Being pro-life is being fully Catholic while being for “social justice” is anything but.

And here, my friends, in this story is the perfect evidence of what I’m talking about.

Have you ever heard a pro-life activist ever criticize the Church for trying to reach out to lapsed Catholics and using Church funds to do it?


Why?  Because it’s all part and parcel of the same cause.  Evangelization for Jesus Christ necessarily means a respect for Life. It is at the foundation of what the pro-life movement is about.  So there is no contradiction. 

Can the propagandists for the Social Justice religion say the same thing? Of course not…because to be firmly grounded in Christ is to oppose the Spirit of the Age and the Spirit of Vatican II and the Spirit of Social Justice and the Spirit of Marx and the Spirit of the Anti-Christ.

And yet, Mr. Alcuitas is very honest enough to tell us his opinion of + Miller’s efforts at Evangelization and how all that money could have been used for the  poor.

In 2,000 years, nothing has changed.  Judas is still beating the same damn social justice drum:

But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.” (John 12:4-5)

Like Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said:  Judas Iscariot is the patron saint of Social Justice.

A voice crieth in the wilderness yonder exposing the lies and falsehoods of Social Justice, and the Canadian bishops would be well advised to listen to it.

4 thoughts on “D&P Supporters Reveal True Colours

  1. This guy should be tied down in a chair and locked in a room for 48 hours, and made to listen to Michael Voris and Archbishop Sheen… For crying out loud, the salvation of souls is the ONLY reason why the church is here! The good works come as a result of the work of salvation…

  2. The longer this scandal drags on, the more impatient both sides will become and the more obvious the divisions will be. Expect more of this in future months.

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