D&P Still Calling the Shots

Decisions remain the responsibility of Development and Peace as part of its overall accountability“.

Accountability?!  Are you kidding me?

To whom precisely? Che, perhaps?

It’s been months now and Development & Peace still has not released the names of its new partners. Big surprise there, eh?  I feel another Access to Information request coming.

If the bishops folded to Dalton’s Gay Clubs, what are the chances that they will pass on stripping D&P of its official “Catholic” status when the social justice gravy train keeps right on running over the unborn?

Pretty damn good, I should think.  Men of such firm constitution are hard to find, after all.

Fact is: we can’t tell what’s going on because we don’t have any more public information on the groups that D&P is funding. 

If you were a bishop on these kangaroo kommittees and you were really into accountability, transparency, and the respect for human life, would you not want to establish trust with your vindicated critics?  That would be the first order of business for me.  But that’s just me.  It’s not them.

Credibility, it appears, is something of a lost treasure. It’s held in such low esteem by Canadian Church bureaucrats at the expense of Christ’s Church, of course.  I guess they think that trust and credibility are not something they can lose.  They think it’s like crazy glue.  I wonder if someone will gently tap them on the shoulder and disabuse them of that thinking.

Message to the Kangaroos:  this war is not over. Stay tuned.  Hunting season is just around the corner and there’s some sitting ducks ready to get picked off.


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