D&P pro-life commitment flounders in foreign countries

At a recent francophone regional meeting of CCODP, delegates expressed their dismay that the Pro Centre’s funding had been cut, and more generally, that the bishops of Canada were seeking more careful oversight of CCODP projects. The delegates made it clear that they want Canadian bishops to give them access to parish collections, and then shut up.

There is a certain consistent logic at play here; CCODP is no more interested in the views of the bishops in Canada, where they raise money, than they are of the bishops in the countries where they spend it.

That approach may earn them the support of social activists here and abroad, but it should not earn the support of Catholics. (Source)

Right on!  Either Development & Peace starts to act like a real Catholic development and aid organization, or it’s finished in the Catholic Church. They’ll just be another Conservative government funded NGO which advances secular pet causes.

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