D&P Pro-Abort Partner No. 55 Busted

So, lookie here.

Just. how. long. is. this. garbage. going. to. continue?  Year after year, pro-abort partner after pro-abort partner before our so-called “conservative” bishops get serious about being pro-life?

Too much respect for each other, I think.  Too much deference to the Borg.  Too much abdication of responsibility.  They don’t want to stop holding hands and claiming that they’re all unified.  Well, they’re not.   Their acquiescence to contraception 40 years ago has seen to that and now it’s coming back to separate them after they separated a husband from his wife

Just how much devotion can they have to a National Conference before they wake up and realize that there are no more excuses.  No more room for endless and perpetual negotiation, endless dialogue, and infinite subterfuge.

The CCCB devotes more of our resources to advancing pro-abortion ideology than it does the Culture of Life.  That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact.

And it’s very sad….

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