D&P partner supports new abortion policy in Brazil

Back in March of last year, when I did most of my investigative report into the abortion-enabling of Development & Peace, I came across a few groups that Development & Peace was funding in Brazil.  You can read the section of the report dealing with South America here.

Last week, LifeSiteNews reported the following troubling development in Brazil:

Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva has introduced a massive legislative reform package in the last year of his term that would secure abortion as a “human right,” impose socialist and homosexualist ideology in the schools and media, and ban crucifixes from government facilities, among other measures.

The legislative program, which is called the Third National Program for Human Rights (PNDH-3), would establish a level of control over the media and private property that is being called a nonviolent “coup d’etat” and a socialist party “dictatorship.” It has elicited widespread protest from institutions ranging from the Catholic Church to military leaders, the agricultural sector, and even members of the president’s own cabinet. (Source)

One of the groups Development & Peace is sponsoring is a group called the Federação de Órgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional or FASE for short.  Here is what I found on their website:

“O Estado brasileiro tem o dever e a responsabilidade de garantir às mulheres que precisam recorrer ao aborto que possam fazê-lo em condições adequadas à preservação da sua saúde e de sua vida. O SUS, sendo Sistema Público de Saúde, deve assegurar o acesso universal a estes direitos para todas as mulheres de todas as classes sociais.” (Source)

Translation: “The Brazilian state has the duty and responsibility to ensure that women have recourse to abortion that may do so under appropriate conditions to preserve their health and their lives. SUS, and the public health system should ensure universal access to these rights for all women of all social classes.”

LifeSiteNews also did a report on this group’s pro-abortion position here.

Well, thanks to some investigative work done by my good friend Steve over at Catholic Dialogue, you can read about how FASE is aggressively pushing for this massive legislative reform package. Steve writes:

In fact, FASE was emphatic that the policy should be adopted without amendments and that the government should resist demands for amendments from the Catholic Church and other groups.  Such amendments, said FASE, would be a step backward.

You can read the rest of Steve’s fantastic investigative journalism here.

What this blog and other Catholic bloggers and independent pro-life news organizations have been warning about is coming true right before our eyes.  As the legislative assault on the unborn continues at a frantic pace in the Global South, Canadian Catholic money is being used by the abortion-pushers to enthrone abortion as a human right.  These are the same abortion-pushers, we must remember, which are financed by the Canadian Bishops.  The legacy of the Winnipeg Statement lives on and on.

A more massive betrayal of the pro-life cause and the Catholic faith can scarcely have been imagined. 

We are destroying the unborn and the Church in the Global South, as the bishops of this country continue to enable the pro-aborts by bureaucracy and deferral.

Woe to you, Canadian Bishop, for God is not mocked!  He is coming with a vengeance to pay back what you have sown!


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