D&P Partner Promoting “Human Rights” at the expense of the Unborn

…You think you’re actually HELPING your cause with this letter. You’re not. You’re just reinforcing the idea that you simply do not care about the rights of the unborn, and you’re willing to build your human rights ministry at their expense which is completely unacceptable. Notably absent in the letter is a profession to believe in the rights of unborn children to be legally protected. You simply assert a vague idea about “believing the church’s position on abortion”. Since leftists often misconstrue the Church’s position on abortion, we don’t actually know what that means. We don’t really know what you think about abortion.  Listen Development and Peace: the only thing that’s going to make it all better is that you sign to the idea that you cannot advance the rights of born people at the rights of the unborn. You can’t give money to pro-abortion groups, willfully ignorant of the idea that they’re using your money and your credibility to advance their abortion agenda.

Until you start understanding this, this scandal will not go away…. (Big Blue Wave)

Let’s just flip this a bit.  Would D&P be involved with any group or organization that helped further their particular cause but was involved in something like human trafficking?  Environmental degradation?  It seems that abortion is waaaaaaaay down on the list of human rights violations.  In fact, it is so low that it just doesn’t even register with Development & Peace.  They wouldn’t be caught dead with a climate-change denier in helping to further their other pet causes, but abortion?  Well, in that case, it becomes all theoretical, you see.

This kind of mental gymnastics won’t escape Jesus’s warning about caring for the least of these. 

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