D&P partner helped persuade Salvadorian presidential candidate to push for abortion

Last week, Socon or Bust uncovered a 46th partner of Development and Peace that is working against Church teaching. The partner in question is called “Concertación de Mujeres” and they operate in El Salvador as part of a coalition of feminist groups called Concertación Feminista Prudencia Ayala. They promote a variety of anti-Catholic positions like decriminalizing abortion, recognizing same-sex relationships, allowing lesbians to adopt, distributing contraceptives and recognizing “sexual work” (otherwise known as good old fashion prostitution). They’re also calling for the ratification of a United Nations “Facultative Protocol” that the Salvadorian bishops have been publicly opposing for years because of its anti-life agenda. These positions are all written down in their Feminist Platform for all to see.

Now we’ve learned that these feminists were not content with merely promoting their radical positions on an obscure website or within their local community. According to the Salvadorian newspaper Diario Co Latino, they took their Feminist Platform to the political parties and lobbied for its implementation. Another Salvadorian news source called ElSalvador.com reports that presidential candidate Tomás Chévez of the PCN party was persuaded by these feminists in December 2008 to incorporate the decriminalization of therapeutic abortion into his election platform:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Religious leader and presidential candidate for the PCN, Tomás Chévez, expressed his support for therapeutic abortion, a demand from feminist groups that ask for its decriminalization.

Tomás Chévez (right), along with feminist Deysi Cheyne (left) and Serafina Rodríguez (centre) of the Concertación Feminista Prudencia Ayala

The proposal, which includes various aspects that its proponents claim will contribute to improve the conditions of women, was presented to the different political parties by the Forum of the Concertación Feminista “Prudencia Ayala”.

And the feminist platform resonated with the presidential candidate of las manitas. (Source)

Fortunately for the unborn in El Salvador, Chévez was never elected.  But this incident demonstrates once against how our “social justice” dollars are enabling the advance of abortion in other countries.

Is that the legacy the Canadian bishops and their so-called “development and aid” agency want to leave to these poor countries?

We’re still many months away from the report on the special “Ad Hoc” Committee of Development & Peace, but the abortion juggernaut does not sleep. It keeps right on rolling, financed courtesy of Canadian Catholic money.


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