D&P Official Offers Poor Defense

I received this email from Development & Peace this evening: 

Mr. Pacheco:

XXXXXXXXXX  asked me to write you about the current situation regarding Development and Peace.  I sit on the National Council and am aware of the background in this case. The Mexican groups referred to on the Lifesite page are not involved in any way with promoting abortion.  Development and Peace is a Catholic organization started by the Canadian Catholic Bishops in 1967.  Two bishops sit on our council.

When we became aware of the allegations, we investigated where this originated from.  The Mexican partners had been part of a group of 100 NGO’s that were involved in a consultation with the UN on Human Rights in Mexico. Each group made a submission and then signed the document to attest to their participation in the exercise as one of the 100 groups.  This signature in no way meant that they supported the submissions of the other groups.  A few of the Mexican groups – not our partners – support abortion in cases of rape, but our partners have no connection to these groups.

To make sure we were 100% correct, Michael Casey, Executive Director of Development and Peace contacted each of the groups in person.  They were able to attest to the fact that they are in no way involved in the promotion of abortion.

We sent a letter to this effect to the bishops on Friday.  A version of the letter can be found on the D&P web site www.devp.org <http://www.devp.org/>

I would like to emphasize that Development and Peace is a Catholic organization, inspired by the gospel values, especially the preferential option for the poor.  You might want to take a minute and examine the damage you are doing to an organization that is helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.



D&P National Council

Here is my response:


Thank you for your correspondence.  In response to your comments, I am afraid that they do not address my concerns or the concerns of thousands of Canadian Catholics.

Please address the SPECIFIC evidence that LifeSite has produced. I am not interested in the testimony of groups whose funding depends on them answering the “right way”. Obviously, if their funding is threatened by being outed as pro-abortion, they will lie to protect it. If they will lie to themselves about what they are killing, they will lie to themselves to ensure that the blood money keeps flowing.

Such inquiries by Development & Peace only reveal the extreme gullibility and naïvité of the organization that you represent. Frankly, I have not yet concluded whether Development & Peace is guilty of willful ignorance, incredible incompetence, or simply massive fraud.

Unless you can disprove the SPECIFIC evidence presented by LifeSite, LINE BY LINE, and POINT BY POINT, then the story is accurate and you must cease your work immediately.

All you have to do is disprove the SPECIFIC facts as they have been presented. So far, all that I am reading from D&P is ad hominem attacks and assurances of denial from the groups in question. Is this what you consider “proof”? It sure sounds like it.

By the way, I did my own research and found much more evidence to substantiate LifeSite’s reporting. Click here and scroll down:


Not only would you have to disprove LifeSite’s evidence which is plentiful, substantial, and corroborated, you would have to do it with mine as well.

And as for the “damage” we are doing to Development & Peace, I’ll tell you quite frankly that I am prepared to do it, since that means a major source of funds is going to dry up for major pro-abort pushers like your partners.

I spent about 15 hours over the weekend researching your partners in Africa and South America.  Many are feminist front groups and social marxists who are seeking to destroy the family and the unborn, and who also receive their funding from other pro-abort organizations like CIDA (The Canadian International Development Agency).  I am sure you know about CIDA and their abortion viewsThey have funded up to 60 per cent of Development & Peace’s projects.
All of the evidence is on my website, including linked references to independent sources, the groups’ own websites, and Development & Peace’s funding program for these partners for each continent reviewed.  (I’m sorry to say I didn’t get to Asia, but I doubt the results would be substantially different.)

And, that’s not the end of it, either. God willing, I will have even more evidence in the near future that is going to make even these revelations rather minor and tame, if that is possible.

You have a moral obligation to cease and desist funding these groups.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask you to immediately stop what you are doing.


John Pacheco



3 thoughts on “D&P Official Offers Poor Defense

  1. Dear John,
    By our baptism we are all called to spread the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ, whether lay person or bishop. If the truth will make us free and Christ is the ‘truth and the life’, then keep on keeping on with these shocking revelations. I, for one, will withhold any donation to D&P until the CCCB deals with this disturbing situation. Please no more scandals! The light of truth like that of faith should not/cannot be ‘hidden under a bushel’. It must chase the darkness of the culture of death out of every nook and cranny in which it chooses to hide.

  2. Hi John,
    It seems pretty obvious that CCODP is only concerned with following rules to avoid getting in trouble and has little or no interest in really promoting Catholic values.
    The fact is, if they were real Catholics, they would be lying awake at night horrified to find out that they gave money to groups that have pro-abotion rhetoric on their websites. Instead, they talk about legalities like the official positions of the organizations.
    We’ve all had to deal with the question of remote cooperation with evil when we pay our taxes – but why should we have to worry about that when we give our money to a CATHOLIC charity? Are there not enough Catholic groups in *latin america* of all places to fight for social justice without also fighting for abortion?
    Thank you for letting us know about this.
    Neil L

  3. Great work John. You notice how the official emphasizes the damage that you are supposedly doing to the organization. Well I say that the death of a single unborn child is infinitely more valuable than the CCODP.

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