Official States D&P Could Not Support Abortion Groups

For the remainder of this week before the Easter Triduum and the week following, SoCon or Bust will be featuring more evidence and analysis of Development and Peace’s scandalous negligence and/or complicity in abortion and other “reproductive rights” programs, culminating with a disturbing and eye-opening report by two witnesses who visited a couple of D&P’s partners in Latin America.

The most recent news on the D&P front, however, comes from a report from the Western Catholic Reporter’s interview with D&P’s executive director, Michael Casey.  You can read the whole article here.  Casey claims that the money to the Mexican groups has been stopped, pending D&P’s investigation into the abortion position of the five groups in question. I am not sure what “stopped” really means here.  Were they normally sending money every week or was it monthly? Was it quarterly, or was it one big fat Christmas cheque every year?  The longer it is between cash transfers, the less impressive D&P’s directive is.  What D&P should be telling us is how many cash transfers these groups have lost thusfar. That’s what intelligent people want to know.  But I digress… 

Besides once again ignoring the plethora of other evidence against these groups and instead focusing on the “weakest link” and speaking only to that, and besides ignoring all of the evidence gathered not only from the “partners” from Mexico but approaching two dozen groups from other countries that have been shown, conclusively, to support abortion and/or other “reproductive rights”, Casey has made the first public statement that D&P “could not support” pro-abortion groups (as opposed to carefully denying, as D&P has done thusfar, that they do not support groups offering abortion services):

The ensuing report included some recommendations to change Mexico’s abortion law, but Casey believes the groups signed onto the report, but not all the recommendations.  But LifeSite has pointed to information on some groups’ websites advocating abortion. Casey said CCODP couldn’t support groups that have material advocating abortion.  Allegations first surfaced on in mid-March that five Mexican partner organizations were “pro-abortion” for advocating changes to Mexico’s abortion laws.  Since then, online reports not only from LifeSiteNews but also from the National Catholic Register and social conservative activist John Pacheco have alleged some CCODP partners elsewhere in Latin and South America and in Africa have also pushed for “reproductive rights,” which the reports call a euphemism for abortion and contraception. Casey said CCODP has more than 200 partners in 30 countries. “We try to the extent possible to meet with them all,” he said.  “Where there is something that is clearly against the doctrines of the Catholic faith, naturally we can’t support that.” (emphasis mine)

I wonder what this course of action will mean.  Will D&P terminate their relationships with a large portion and perhaps even a majority of their partners once they have determined if these groups are “clearly” against the doctrines of the Catholic faith?  What does “clearly” mean to D&P?  Are declarations of abortion support from their partners’ own websites, or credible third party sources like the U.N. which name them, not “clear” enough for Mr. Casey and D&P?  We’re not sure at this point. We’re not even sure if this kind of evidence is “clear” enough for the bishops.  It seems pretty clear to me and thousands of outraged Catholics and other Christians around the country. 

Maybe we’re not looking at the same picture. Maybe some of us have these huge logs in our eyes that need to be removed so that we can “clearly” see. Maybe D&P and our bishops need pictures of what they are financially supporting. Next week, by God’s benevolent provision, they’ll see the pictures all right, and then we’ll find out if this moral and spiritual blindness and profound obstinancy that envelopes the Church in Canada is only partial or complete.


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