D&P National Council “to decide” / Le conseil national de D&P “décidera”

“…A committee of five members will serve in the dialogue with the newly-formed Standing Committee on DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), created to accompany and provide guidance to DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE in a spirit of organizational reflection and renewal. “All recommendations arising from these discussions will be forwarded and decided upon by National Council,” resolved the members of the National Council, which is composed of 21 volunteer representatives from all provinces in Canada and two appointed Canadian bishops….” (Source)

«C’est un comité de cinq personnes qui portera le dialogue avec le comité permanent, nouvellement créé par la Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada (CÉCC) afin de se pencher sur les relations de partenariats au Sud. «Toute recommandation résultant de ces rencontres sera ramenée pour discussion et décision par le conseil national», ont résolu les membres du conseil national, composé de vingt-et-un bénévoles de toutes les provinces du Canada et de deux évêques…» (Source)

I can see a break coming.  It’s very clear from blog accounts that D&P members will not accept any limitations imposed in who they can give Catholic money to.  I see the requirement of the local bishop’s approval as something which really could cause D&P to break away from the Canadian Church.  If that happens, it will only prove what we’ve known all along:  D&P’s spirit is not a Catholic one.   They’re autonomous. They’re so autonomous that they want put to themselves above the bishops and still call themselves Catholic.

Je pressens une rupture à l’horizon. Il est très clair en lisant leur blogue que les membres de D&P n’accepteront aucune restriction quant aux récipiendaires des dons des catholiques.  J’entrevois l’exigence d’obtenir l’approbation de l’évêque local comme un facteur qui pourrait vraiment causer D&P à se séparer de l’Église canadienne.  Si cela se produisait, ça viendrait simplement prouver ce que nous savions depuis le début : l’esprit de D&P n’est pas catholique.  Ils sont autonomes.  En fait, ils sont tellement autonomes qu’ils veulent se positionner au-dessus des évêques tout en continuant de s’appeler « catholiques ».

2 thoughts on “D&P National Council “to decide” / Le conseil national de D&P “décidera”

  1. autonomous ! it is also the claiming of the president of french caritas, François Soulage for the new elected Caritas internationalis. “We have not the same conception for evangelization than Holy Seat but it is not a conflict it is just debate”, he said. F.S. is also member of COR UNUM !
    I remember that Secours catholique which is french caritas, funded as D&P, congress of Liberation theology in 2005. And François Soulage is member of french socialist party . The socialist party is pro-abortion
    Thank very much for quoted my blog thank you for your excellent job

    in Christ the King


  2. Hopefully they show their true colours and admit they aren’t catholic. Then the church can start a real catholic evangelistic pro-life charity that helps the poor.

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