D&P Members Show Their True Colours

Well, folks, the dyke is starting to break.

Some of the most senior members of the Canadian Bishops’ international development agency – Development & Peace (D&P) – have publicly accused Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins and other pro-life bishops pushing for a pro-life reform of D&P of ‘shameful blackmail.’ They have also criticized Pope Benedict’s reformation of the Vatican’s Catholic charity umbrella organization. Journalist Dennis Guending, a former Director of Information for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, has described the situation as a “virtually unprecedented” and an “open revolt against the Catholic hierarchy from within.” …(Source)

As you all know, Socon or Bust has been a fierce critic of the Canadian bishops during this whole controversy, and we’ve employed very colourful language that’s rattled some bishops.  It’s been an unfortunate but necessary means of getting the bishops to get serious about the genocide that has been under their collective noses for 40+ years.

Now that the mask is off, however, the members of D&P are showing themselves for who they really are.  They’re not just attacking the bishops…they are attacking authentic Catholic doctrine and identity.

“We deplore the blackmail and the intimidation inspired by a retrograde concept of the Church and its mission that were imposed since then on decisions at Development and Peace,” the letter continues.

Didn’t we call it?  Yes we did.  This is not just about the application of Catholic teaching. This is about what the Church is.  At the end of the day ALL disagreements come back to theology.   And now, the proverbial chickens have come home to roost and prove what Socon or Bust has been saying since 2009.

Until now, they’ve been denying the accusations levelled against them.  Under the cover of pseudo-Catholicism, this “social justice” religion managed to take over the Catholic Church in Canada and it’s not been pretty.  But now, they’ve outted themselves and are in full attack mode.

Socon or Bust finally gets to switch sides and be on the side of the bishops who’ve finally woken up and found some courage.  Now the enemy has been unmasked and the dissenters are exposed for what and who they are. 

 Another prominent D&P member who has been with the organization for 13 years and served on its National Council slammed the Canadian Bishops in a post on a D&P members Facebook page. Paul McGuire of Ottawa urged members to read “A terrific letter that condemns the CCCB for their lack of leadership and their attempts to pressure Development and Peace. Please spread this widely – the CCCB are unable to lead Canadians who seek justice.” The letter he referred to was penned by the Executive Director of the Centre Justice et Foi in Montreal, and said that recent actions by the bishops “reveal an official Church that is less and less interested in working together with organizations and social movements concerned about social justice.”

Paul McGuire is the principal at St. Gregory’s Catholic School.   I wonder if he’ll be reading that “terrific letter” to his students the next time the Archbishop comes to visit.

Mr. McGuire works with Salvaide and Compadres.  Mr. McGuire and Compadres are associated and work with pro-abort groups like D&P’s Cripdes in El Salvador.
Check out McGuire’s twitter account which is quite active with D&P posts.


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