D&P Members Criticize Bishops for being too Catholic

D&P is scrambling.  Check this one out from one of their lap dog press outlets.  (Rough English translation here. )

An excerpt:

“Indeed, in an attempt to satisfy these extremists, Development and Peace decided to require each partner to obtain a letter of support from the local bishop in order to receive financial aid. There is a risk of depriving some partners financial support necessary,” worries Constance Vaudrin, Lucille Plourde, Gerard Laverdure and Normand Breault.

So we are “extremists” because the bishops decided to finally put in some basic safeguards against Canadian Catholic money going to pro-abort thugs?   Are you people for real?

If it were up to me personally, I’d formally disestablish Development & Peace as the official development and aid agency of the Catholic Church in Canada.

Just. Like. That. With the snap of my fingers in my velvet glove.

If you want to call us “extremists”, then do it based on what we would like to see happen, instead of what the bishops are doing.  Why don’t you call the bishops, “extremists”?

Secondly, and as if it really needs to be repeated but apparently it does, having the local bishop’s permission is 1) required to ensure Catholic principles are respected, 2) is a common courtesy, and 3) is part of canon law.   It appears that D&P members don’t like how the Catholic Church is structured with this whole “local bishop permission” thing, but they sure like the cash which they can squeeze from her to finance their Marxist causes.

Isn’t this really about D&P wanting to be autonomous from the authority of the Catholic bishops?  Isn’t that what this is really all about?

It takes a really twisted and imperialistic philosophy to suppose that Canadian Church bureaucrats know more than the local Ordinary in a poor country about how to spend Canadian Catholic sacrificial offerings in the Ordinary’s own backyard.  If that’s not total arrogance and a not-so subtle disregard for episcopal authority, I don’t know what is.

Moreover, those members of D & P recall that there is no sufficient ecclesiastical structure wherever the organization is active: “several partners working in countries where the Catholic Church is a strong minority, or are popular secular movements with no structural link with the Church.”

Oh please, stop it.  No one believes this claim.  Nearly everyone of your partners is within a Diocese or Archdiocese in the Global South.  And, if not, the nearest Catholic bishop can be contacted.  Instead of looking to stroke some sham social justice cause, however, why don’t you just ask the bishop where he could use the money?  Can’t do that, eh?  Takes away from the “self-realization” and “gotta be me, gotta be free” mantra that is so typical of your generation.

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