D&P magic: Now you see it, now you don’t

Less than three weeks ago, on May 6, John outed the 45th anti-Catholic, anti-life partner being funded by Development and Peace.  The group, called Focus on the Global South, is supporting a reproductive health bill in the Philippines that the Filipino bishops are staunchly opposing because it would push the use of contraception and endanger children in the womb.  On May 7th, LifeSiteNews.com also wrote an article on this group.

But something mysterious has happened: several pages from the group’s website that expressed their support for this bill have been deleted.  Funny how that works, eh? 

What are the odds that an NGO from South-East Asia would be surfing Socon or Bust and would have seen the article?  Did Development and Peace, which visits this blog daily, tip off their pro-abort buddies and ask them to bleach their website? Like true cowards, these pro-aborts are hiding their public positions to avoid scrutiny.

But it’s too late to hide, my friends. We already have the evidence safely saved on several redundant drives. There’s nowhere to hide.

Of course, removing the articles from their website doesn’t change anything about their positions.  But by trying to destroy the evidence, they are simply proving that they’re guilty as charged—a vindication of our work.  Darkness cannot stand the light so it scatters.

This also reinforces the importance of pro-life and Catholic websites such as this one.  We are having an impact and we will prevail.

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