D&P losing support among the Catholic Faithful

Many faithful Catholics in Canada are frustrated and upset over the ongoing support of the Canadian Bishops of pro-abort groups in the Global South through their official development and aid agency, Development and Peace.  No doubt the cash transfers every month are really starting to pay off in terms of advancing the pro-abortion and anti-Catholic agenda. I’m sure they are proud of themselves.  In fact, self-congratulations among the bureaucrats of Development & Peace and the bishops is much more of a common occurrence than a little bit of self critique of what the. hell. they. are. doing. 

To date, there has been no admission of the facts about their pro-abortion sponsorship.  It’s been all about recycling…or refreshing…or reflecting….or renewing themselves…or some other stupid psycho-babble.  Every “R” word in the dictionary except repentance.

Canada’s Catholic Bishops could very well be one of the biggest financiers of the push to legalize abortion in the Global South.  Isn’t that a hoot?  And all this time, we pro-lifers had this very quaint idea of who our opponents were…you know…the feminists, the socialists, the government, the culture at large, yadyadayada.  The lines and boxes were all so neat and tidy. Us vs. them.  But the truth is rarely so clean. The fact is that the real problem in the abortion war is…..uh….THE CANADIAN CHURCH.

But hope springs eternal and I have some good news to report on this issue…for a change.

Many of you probably have this impression that Development & Peace is the primary Catholic charity in Canada – at least in terms of its size. After all, they have the endorsement of the Catholic Bishops of the country who put their full weight in drumming up business from us useful idiots in the pews for Development & Peace’s pro-abortion and anti-Catholic partners in the Global South.  This is a natural assumption.  But the good news is that Development & Peace really does not have the largest support from the Catholic laity after all.  A good number of serious Catholics, it turns out, have wised up to the “charity business” involving groups purporting to be Catholic. At this point, I wish to extend my heartfelt apologies to Catholics for calling you all “useful idiots”.  Apparently, only some of you are. 

Let me explain….

In its 2008 annual report, of its approximately $30 Million in revenues each year, the “total of [D&P’s] fundraising averages about $16 million every year from donors throughout Canada” (p.11).  $10M of that money comes from the Share Lent Campaign.  The rest of the $14M comes from pro-abortion CIDA, special collections, and other sources.

However, Chalice, a real Catholic and Aid agency which is totally donor supported with no government funding, collects around $15.3M every year (p.18).

So in other words, both Development & Peace and Chalice raise the same amount money from donors. But there is a big difference. Development & Peace has the full backing of the Catholic Bishops. Without them, there is no Share Lent Campaign and its $10M pot.  And there is no access to the Schools. And, if they were to lose Bishops’ endorsement or if some Bishops started to pull out, they would probably lose some of their monthly donors too.  We all know what would happen to Development & Peace if they were to try and compete for the charity dollar in the real world without the backing of the Catholic bishops, don’t we?  They would fold like a cheap deck of cards because very few people would support them. 

Development & Peace is like the CBC:  neither of them would ever survive without massive subsidies from the church/government bureaucracies.  If they were to try and do so, they’d flop. That’s why whenever their funding is threatened, they flap around like desperate chickens, knowing, as we all do, that the end would be near.   They know – like we all know – that if they were forced to sell their product in the “free market”, they wouldn’t survive past a few months.  They’d go belly up.


9 thoughts on “D&P losing support among the Catholic Faithful

  1. Soc Con or Bust losing Support! Wow, amazing what you can write and get away with it!

    What you are saying is wrong as always. Your everlasting attempt to put down a catholic professional organization is so tired. I think you really need a hobby.

    Oh boy, what are you going to say next

    bla bla bla

  2. John,
    I was amazed at the money collected by Chalice! All that money collected without fancy posters, campaigns, letters from the bishop, and left wing, quasi-Catholic speakers. (it always bothered me that so much D&P money was spent on self-promotion rather than food for the Third World). Maybe the average pew dweller in Canada is waking up? Slowly. Thanks for the wake up call, John.

  3. Hey Paul:

    The “spirit of” Post-Vatican-II playtime is over. The damage you social justice babyboomers have done over the last 4 decades is enough. Time to clean up the mess. The fact that you cannot counter Pacheco’s post without saying anything except that he is “wrong”, without any facts for back-up, just shows that a sensitive nerve has been touched. And if you touch a sensitive nerve, it will react.

    No question D&P is an enemy of the Catholic Church, and because you seem to be associated thereto (judging by your link), I deem you, too, to be an enemy as well.

    Party’s over, buddy. Deal with it.

  4. Hey buddies!

    Tough talk! You guys are getting restless!

    We have done all the due diligence and this has been accepted by the bishops and the Canadian Catholic population. A little bit of evidence – $4,000,000.00 raised for the people of Haiti. Development and Peace has been very busy while you boys just stew.

    By the way, you never produce any evidence – unlike D&P

    I guess if you tell the Big Lie long enough you assume people will flock to your banner.

    News for you – The boys (and girls) club is just not growing.

    Now I guess I have to wait for the predictable rage of indignation.

    So yawn…predictable.

  5. Paul,

    D&P hasn’t been busy at all. They just have to have a functional bank account where the bishops dump the money that they collect from largely clueless Catholics.

    That’s hardly something to be proud of.

    Take away the bishops’ endorsement and the CIDA money, and your organization folds because it can’t compete otherwise.

    A dead tree could raise as much money as D&P did…with the right connections of course.

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