D&P lie exposed: “We fund projects not organizations”

A few days ago, John uncovered a 45th partner of Development and Peace (D&P) supporting anti-life, anti-Catholic activities.  The next day, LifeSiteNews.com revealed that the group’s founding director admitted that he gets his money from D&P with no strings attached.

Back when the D&P scandal started, one of D&P’s “best” arguments was to claim that they were funding specific projects, not organizations.  This enabled them to pretend that our donations weren’t funding anti-Catholic activities.  Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?  On June 25, 2009, the Catholic Register was eager to report on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ whitewash of D&P.  Here’s a juicy quote from their article:

Development and Peace is prepared to re-examine its protocols for engaging partners, said spokeswoman Wanda Potrykus. But it’s not as if it just hands money out with no strings attached, she said.

“Anything we allocate money to, we have written reports that have to be submitted showing how the money was spent and whether it was spent as it was intended,” said Potrykus. (Source)

Is that right Ms. Potrykus?  Would you like to revise that statement now that we know the truth?  In the same article, Archbishop Weisgerber repeated the same line:

“We give money to projects, not to organizations,” he said. (Source)

Is that right, your Grace?  People don’t like to be lied to their face.

Once again, the truth has come out.  D&P’s own partner has ratted on them.  D&P provides the money to the organization with no strings attached.  That means the funding could just as much go towards abortion or contraception advocacy instead of helping the poor.  What a fraud.  Just goes to show, once again, that you can’t trust D&P on anything.

And as for the Catholic Register, the article cited above is no longer on their website.  But fortunately Google saved a version, which I have linked to.  I also saved a PDF of the article in my personal files.  No evidence will be “misplaced” in this scandal.

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