D&P In Free-Fall: Look out below!

…“The campaign is also an invitation for concerned Catholics and other Canadians to talk with or write to their members of Parliament, to join Development and Peace as active members, and to make a contribution to assist Development and Peace in advancing and promoting integral human development in the Global South,” it said. More information about the campaign as well as materials can be obtained at www.devp.org.

The statement came out one day after the Radio Canada program Second regard broadcast a 13- minute documentary, saying CCODP, one of the oldest and most respected development agencies in Canada, was in crisis. The documentary traced the roots of the Canadian bishops’ development agency to the teachings Second Vatican Council that stressed the role of the laity.

The report blamed “virulent attacks” from LifeSiteNews.com, which it called a top site for promoting anti-abortion views, for precipitating the crisis. It also claimed there was a rise in the number of conservative bishops in Canada in important dioceses. Massive funding cuts to CCODP announced by CIDA earlier this year created a “catastrophe” according to former CCODP communications officer Francois Gloutnay.

Radio Canada said LifeSiteNews.com and the catholic-legate.com blog had been engaged in a three-year campaign against CCODP, with a series of stories on CCODP-funded projects with agencies it called pro-abortion. It contrasted teachings on sexual morality and abortion with those of social justice….(Source)

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord! C’mon everyone, sing with me!

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord!

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord!

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord!…

What’s the problem here?  If D&P is abiding by Catholic teaching there would have been no controversy.  Everyone would be writing us off as wackos and delusional fools.  But the problem for D&P and the Press is that we’ve told the truth about what they are and provided the backup for it.

It’s time for the cry-babies in the Press, at D&P, and within the Great White Magic Circle to stop shooting the messenger and grow up.  Look in the mirror and ask yourselves honestly:  Am I (or was I ever) Catholic?  If not, then perhaps it’s time to come to that realization and move on. 

You’ve been (Socon or) Busted!  And as Jesus says:

 I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny. – Mt 5:26

And I’mma gonna squeeze every last drop I can out of them until the debt to the unborn for the past 40 years is paid, although, admittedly, only the good Lord alone knows how many drops have been spilled for their twisted idea of social justice – certainly more than Development & Peace and the CCCB will ever be able to repay.

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