D&P funding Haitian relief organization which promotes sex education and family planning

Since last February, Socon or Bust has devoted much of its cyber real estate to exposing the rot in Development & Peace.  Before this blog entry, the count stood at 41 groups who are openly and actively promoting pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-family or overtly anti-Catholic beliefs.  In a fundamental respect, this is no longer about the bureaucrats and managers at Development & Peace who are turning a blind eye to the abortion-pushers when they dole out Catholic cash.    That’s only on the radar for as long as the bishops don’t know about it.  But the bishops of the country now do know about it or should know about it.  Either way, they are now fully culpable and complicit in allowing this murderous scam to continue, as pro-life laws in the Global South are slowly eroded, largely by ignorant Canadian Catholics and their sacrificial offerings.  When the blood money flows in the Global South as the unborn are mercilessly ripped apart limb from limb, we can all pat ourselves on the back that we were able to avert the great threat of Global Warming.  Wow. That was close!  Thank goodness for Al Gore and ecological justice!

At times, I can scarcely believe what I am witnessing.  Appeals from other bishops’ conferences or pictures themselves don’t mean a hill of beans to these prelates.  The flippancy, unconcern, and rank cowardice of our Spiritual Fathers is a sad spectacle. It ranks right up there (and perhaps even surpasses) how the sexual abuse crisis was handled.  And for what precisely? So they won’t rock the boat with their brother bishops?  Is that it?  Their precious phony unity?  It must be an expensive unity, indeed, to look the other way when the unborn are crucified with our tax deductible assistance, of course. Of course.

But never mind. Let’s get down to business.

Many of you have noticed how Development & Peace is collecting money in Catholic parishes across the country for the Haiti earthquake relief.  To date, D&P has collected well over $1M from donations from individuals and various government agencies.  In fact as of last Friday at 3 p.m. (three days since the earthquake), Development & Peace had already raised $250,000 from Catholic parishes across the country.  And there will be more to come after this weekend, no doubt.

Now, one may think that earthquake relief is probably a safe bet.  However, as posted in my previous blog entry, there are a lot of unscrupulous groups wanting to capitalize on the misery of disasters.  Planned Parenthood was a famous case during 9/11

According to its website, Development & Peace claims that “all donations made to Development and Peace will be sent directly to its partners on the ground in Haiti, mainly Caritas Haiti.” (Source).

In Socon or Bust’s original investigation of D&P’s partners in Haiti, for instance, it was discovered that they were sponsoring two organizations who promoted abortion: Kay Fanm and Fanm Deside.  Readers can learn more about them and their pro-abort activities here and here.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.  It just keeps on going.

Last night, Socon or Bust learned of another controversial partner which is also likely “pro-contraception” and “pro-reproductive” rights.  The group in question is called the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP);  the group is listed under Development & Peace’s Latin American Partners here.  MPP is actively soliciting donations for the earthquake relief.  What this relief constitutes, we do not know specifically, except that we know that this group’s health care mandate is focused in the field of “prevention”:

MPP advocates what it calls an “integrated health program”. Its focus , over the last 35 years, is mainly in the field of prevention that includes diet, drinkable water, sanitation, sexual education, responsible parenthood, etc. In the nineties it has extended its field of activities to training of some agents in traditional medicine, taking advantage of the traditional country doctors. In 2004 MPP started a health care center with one doctor, one nurse and two nursing assistants that provide primary care and train midwifes and health agents. (Source)

“Sexual education” and “responsible parenthood” are the standard euphemisms for condoms and other contraception.  Indeed the MPP women do get around:

We also learn that MPP advocates for “women’s rights” and that it is a founding member of CLOC  (Source). CLOC, of course, is another Development & Peace pro-abort partner which was exposed by LifeSiteNews in April last year.  This is what they are about:

The group, which is called the Latin American Coordinator of Rural Organizations (Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo – CLOC) displays a “Manifesto of Women’s Organizations for the Eighth of March,” which was signed by CLOC itself, on its website.  The statement claims that the “high rate of abortions done under clandestine, unhealthy, and risky conditions, constitutes a public health problem that is being treated with insensitivity by not adopting current legislation to depenalize abortion at least in cases of incest, rape, and the life of women.” It then “demands” that governments carry out “the urgent depenalization of abortion in the penal code, at least in the exceptional circumstances put forth in the proposal of the women’s movement: abortion in cases of rape, incest, and risk to the life of the woman” (see original text in Spanish at  http://www.movimientos.org/cloc/show_text.php3?key=11982). The statement also denounces the “permanent intervention of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in government affairs,” which it says “influences and pressures in a pernicious manner the acts of formulation of public policies and laws that affect the life of women in the country, the equality, and empowerment of the same.”  It then “demands” the “separation of public management from the influence of church power.”

While the real scandal is that Development & Peace is funding MPP at all, the pertinent questions in the context of the Haitian earthquake relief, however,  are twofold:

First, is Development & Peace sending money to MPP for this disaster relief?

Second, if they are, what assurances can Canadian Catholics have that their donations are not being directed to “preventative health care” like condoms?

Did the Haitians say, “I came for food, water, and medicine.  They gave me condoms instead.”?

Pro-Life Relief Charities:

Missionaries of Charity
185 Dunn Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
N6K2S1 Canada
(Note: Donation should include note asking funds to be directed to their Haiti relief efforts. While the Missionaries cannot accept online or phone donations, monies donated to the Missionaries will be put directly into the hands of the Haitian Missionaries of Charity.)

Reformed Churches of Canada’s effort, Coram Deo International Aid

Aid to the Church in Need


Serving Charity




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