D&P funding group which uses art as a “WEAPON against conservative religious influence”


In the Philippines, Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) works with young people to develop and perform theatre to draw attention to and explore critical social issues. Drawing on young people’s ideas and creativity, participation keeps alive the dream of the people and helps weave a finer dream for the future.You can visit their website: www.petatheater.com  (Source: Development & Peace’s Just Youth “Think Fast 2007 Program”)

Today, PETA’s repertory theater program, embodied in the KALINANGAN ENSEMBLE is complemented by a closely-knit battery of programs and services. THE SCHOOL OF PEOPLE’S THEATER, PETA’s main training arm for amateurs, professionals, and communities alike, offers a wide range of courses on theater arts and related subjects. The METROPOLITAN TEEN THEATER LEAGUE PROGRAM and the CHILDREN’S THEATER PROGRAM combine performances with training modules for young people, their caregivers and educators. The former services PETA’s wide range of high school students and teachers. The latter gives special attention to the issue of children’s rights, just as the WOMEN’S THEATER PROGRAM addresses female problems like reproductive rights and domestic violence. Gender and sexual health issues, including AIDS, are also pet topics of the PETA-MEKONG PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM, a special project aimed at building capabilities and fostering collaboration in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. Continuous link-up with national and international artistic, educational, cultural, and development organizations has allowed PETA to share its expertise in theater and education. PETA is all about outreach and networking.(Source: PETA Website)

In the Women’s Theatre Program (WTP) of the PETA, theatre is an artistic medium that eventually became our weapon in the face of relatively conservative political and religious influences. Women’s issues have historically been invisible in our culture…they have been considered sensitive and private matters. We use theatre to present political commentaries about women’s situations and conditions in the Philippines. We explore issues like violence against women, prostitution and trafficking, poverty, reproductive rights, and globalization, and forge partnerships with other groups (governmental, nongovernmental, and people’s organizations)… Talking about the politics of the body makes women confront their image of self and their beliefs about their own sexuality. Because women create an image of themselves from their image of their bodies, addressing the issue of body politics involves getting in touch with the self. Talking about it is the first step in reclaiming the body.” (Source: Association for Women’s Rights in Development)

1.2. YOUTH: KATINIG YOUTH AND METRO CEBU YOUTH ADVOCACY NETWORK ORIENTED A total of 38 youth leaders from KATINIG Youth and 40 high school and college students from Youth Advocacy Network (YAN) were oriented on the findings of the Young Adults Fertility and Sexuality Survey (YAFSS) and Responsible Teen Sexuality on November, 2003. Realizing that Community Theater is a creative way to communicate Responsible Teen Sexuality among adolescents and youth in the community, TSAP-FP trained 28 KATINIG Youth in Leadership and Repertory Theater through the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) on October 2003 (Source: STRENGTHENING SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE OF FAMILY PLANNING IN THE PHILIPPINES: A COMMUNICATION AND ADVOCACY PROJECT USAID Contract No. 492-C-00-02-00019-00 ANNUAL REPORT (Year 2): October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004)

You’ll notice above that Development & Peace’s Youth Wing likes to talk about the “critical social issues” which PETA is involved in, but for some reason, they don’t give us the specifics about these “critical social issues” on D&P’s youth website.  Why do you think that is?  There is nothing about “gender and sexual health issues “or “reproductive rights” that PETA is pimping for.  Nor do we hear anything about PETA’s “weapon in the face of religiously conservative political and religious influence“.

<start sarcasm>I guess they didn’t see that part of PETA’s mission.  Honest oversight, I’m sure.</end sarcasm>

Enough is enough.

Fire. Them. All.

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