D&P French Youth Pull Out

…“This decision by our leadership undermines the credibility of our movement and renders it impossible to recruit new members or to maintain engagement among our youth groups,” wrote nine francophone youth representatives who met in Montreal just before the fall education campaign launched Oct. 15.

In a “declaration” issued Oct. 16, the representatives claim the way in which the bishops maneuvered Development and Peace into compromising its plans caused them to question the prophetic role of the organization within the Church.

“We have cried and shared our suffering and anger,” they wrote….

Pass the tissues, dear.  It’s only going to get worse from here on in, kiddies.  This will not be some radical socialist instrument with a Catholic face anymore.  Times are changing.   The days of milking us dry and pushing the Agenda are now behind you.

There’s no more money.

2 thoughts on “D&P French Youth Pull Out

  1. I suspect this is about more than just the fall campaign. It’s also about the pro-life reforms being implemented. I bet that part of the tears and frustration reflects a sudden realization by some youths that they aren’t really Catholic. They’re fighting for a reinstatement of cafeteria Catholicism as much as they’re advocating for the status quo on D&P, because the alternative would require some painful lifestyle adjustments on their part.

    If only they trusted in the grace of God available to facilitate the transition.

  2. I totally agree with you Squeaker…unfortunately these young people have been catechized by the “social justice for all except pre-born children” crowd…how sad

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