D&P Employees and Their Union Reveal How Un-Catholic They Really Are

As Steve noted in an earlier blog post concerning Fr. Arriaga Development & Peace can no longer claim its partners are not pro-abortion.  Indeed, the whole social justice clique in the Canadian Catholic Church can hardly be called Catholic anymore.  It just uses Catholic money to advance their neo-Marxism.  The source of these revelations comes from a Statement put out by D&P’s employees’ union.   Let’s consider a number of their observations.

One of the directives that is of particular concern to the employees is the request to obtain a letter from the local bishop for each of our partners. On every continent, the consequences of this directive risk profoundly transforming our approach to development as well as the programming in several countries…

So, in other words, what you are saying is that your approach is not a Catholic one, otherwise why would you fear the judgement of the local bishop?  If that’s the case, have you no shame in fraudulently collecting money from faithful Catholics who uphold the sanctity of human life?  Do you not have the integrity to recognize that you should not be involved in false advertising, purporting to be an official agency of the bishops of the Catholic Church when you are clearly not upholding Catholic teaching, by your own tacit admission?

We believe that many of our partners could not or would not want to get such a letter from their local bishop, not because these partners are violating the teachings of the Catholic Church, but for reasons that are more political or economical, as we will describe below. We also believe that some bishops will be reluctant to judge the quality of the work of a partner.

Oh please!  You admitted yourselves that Fr. Arriaga and the PRODH believe abortion is a “basic human right”:  

Now in Canada, Luis Arriaga found himself obliged to continue his defence when he was asked to sign the following declaration: “The Centre PRODH supports the cause of life from conception to natural death; the Director and staff reject any link associating the Centre with abortion rights.” Lawyer and human rights defender Luis Arriaga refused to sign such a declaration which, in his own words, is a violation of basic human rights. (Source)

Do you expect us to believe that this is just one isolated case, or that this sentiment is not emblematic of your entire partner constituency?  Are you all on drugs?

Based on various cases, we wonder about the willingness of the bishops to play this role of authorizing or refusing support to a partner organization of Development and Peace. Some might feel a conflict of interest, since they are themselves in search of funds for diocesan projects. For example, would a bishop accept to give a letter of support for a non-denominational community radio station at the same time that he himself is seeking funding for his diocesan radio station?

Why would we as Catholics agree to fund a non-Catholic initiative when there is a Catholic initiative planned in the same area of concern?  Does that make any sense to you?  Would Development & Peace choose to fund an organization other than one of its partners who do not share Development & Peace’s goals?  This illustration only proves how mixed up Development & Peace is, not only concerning Catholicism, but also with basic logic.

On every continent, Development and Peace is supporting women’s organizations that promote equity between men and women and promote human rights, specifically those of women. These are autonomous groups taking control of their own development and that of their communities. Doesn’t asking a group of women—whose autonomy we are promoting—to seek the permission of a local bishop go against this approach?

So what you are saying is that Development & Peace’s view of “women’s rights” is not the same as that of the local bishop who may not share your worldview.  Is that a fair characterization?  

Moreover, for the women’s groups, working in concert and in coalition with other groups gives them a stronger voice and protection. We believe that it must be recognized that there is a range of nuances of opinions and interests defended in the search for gender equity. However, we believe that we must recognize the autonomy of the women’s organizations with which we work.

“Nuances”, “Gender Equity”, “Autonomy”.   Right.  We getcha.  No need to telegraph anymore.  It’s all crystal clear.

Tighter supervision by the CCCB also means the loss of the democratic aspect of Development and Peace. If this is confirmed, we would lose a fundamental pillar of our organization’s identity. This specificity attracts Catholics who dream of building a Church that is first and foremost an active community and where the laity have an active role.

Dreams eventually end, just like this one is ending.  Your “dreams” of a socialist utopia were the Unborn Child’s nightmare.  You fight for a skewed view of  “human rights” and have the audacity to throw the Unborn Child under the Social Justice Bus to get to the promised land.  And, what is worse, after you are called out on your treachery, you obfuscate, deny, and lie to save the blood money flowing to your pro-abort partners and their dubious programs.

The Church is not a pure democracy.  Like all true freedom, there are boundaries to what we believe and what we can morally engage in.  If you think that “democracy” means trampling on the rights of the unborn child in hopes of securing a Marxist utopia, you have a very skewed view of authentic freedom, and you are also, sadly, heading towards Hell. 

We are very aware of the high level of difficulty of managing such a crisis. Since the allegations started in 2009, the employees have argued that this crisis was going to persist over time. Ever since then, we have been asking Management to communicate with the members and employees with diligence and transparency. We believe that the silence and rumours have done as much harm to the organization as the allegations of which we have been victims. Employees feel dispossessed of their organization and that feeling has been exacerbated by the deficiencies in internal communication and transparency. We the employees are working under pressure and in confusion, which is generating an almost universal lack of motivation. Several employees have already expressed their desire to leave the organization if the mission and values of Development and Peace are reoriented.

So what you are saying is now that the pro-abort buck is going to stop being passed around and that Development & Peace will start to once again faintly resemble a Catholic development and aid agency, it’s time to move on to Greener, social pastures?  Go for it.  You were never interested in genuine Catholic social work anyhow. 

Neither the employees nor the Union challenge the fact that Development and Peace is a Catholic organization. We are fully committed to the prophetic vision of D&P. Development and Peace has invested more than 40 years in building a vision of development based on long-term partnership, which is our specificity and what makes us special. Some of the orientations currently being considered would endanger that vision.

Your vision is not Catholic, as anyone with a sliver of common sense and honesty can clearly see.  Just be honest with us and yourselves:  D&P is only sticking around for the cash and what that cash can do for their orientation.  That’s the truth…and everyone knows it.


One thought on “D&P Employees and Their Union Reveal How Un-Catholic They Really Are

  1. “This specificity attracts Catholics who dream of building a Church…” Oh, my goodness, but how wrong have I always been! The nuns in my school may have taught all the students a false doctrine, because I always thought that the Church had been built by Jesus Christ when He said: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I SHALL BUILD MY CHURCH…”
    And by the way, to all those who think that they will be able to modify this Church to fit their every whim, we have a solemn promise from the ONE Who built it: “…and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” 🙂

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