D&P Ditched By Feds Because of Poor Stewardship, Value for Money

As many of you have already learned, CIDA has cut Development & Peace’s budget by 64%.  And the reason that Development & Peace got their funding cut was not abortion.  It was money, fiscal restraint, and lack of transparency

So, after all of our hopes and dreams that the Catholic Bishops would finally get real about Development & Peace and the Catholic Church’s witness to its own beliefs about the sacredness of human life, we finally get some relief, but it comes in the most unexpected way.  It was Caesar and not the Church who God used to cut that abortion-enabling behemoth down to size.  I’m sure Socon or Bust readers are bemused, but hardly surprised, by that fact.  Here is the “money quote” (excuse the pun) from LifeSite News’ coverage:

 “CIDA is responsible, particularly in times of fiscal restraint, for ensuring Canadian tax payers’ dollars deliver value for money and the strongest results in the lives of people in need.”

Did you catch the $30 million dollar (that’s what D&P just lost) phrase?  VALUE FOR MONEY.

Back in July 2011, Socon or Bust published a comprehensive post on how Development & Peace was doing in relation to other charities in Canada.  The source of the post was an article from the Summer edition of Money Sense magazine.   You can (and should) read that post here.  Here is the climax of the entry:

In the category of Overall Charity Efficiency, Development & Peace gets a grade of C+, lowest of all 15 charities, with only 72.3% of spending going to programs. Chalice, (ed. the non-official but actually Canadian Catholic development and aid organization), by comparison, gets an A, with 93.3% of spending going to programs…Governance and Transparency is another weak area for D&P, with a ‘C-’ (1.0 out of 10), tying 3 other charities (including Amnesty International) for the lowest ranking

This blog entry was eventually picked up by LifeSite News who did their own report on it which can be read here.    The chart is now online on Money Sense’s website here.

In conjunction with this timely information, Socon or Bust did its part to encourage readers to write to CIDA and Treasury Board president Tony Clement.  But I bet you didn’t know this:  An Orthodox Christian friend of mine stumbled on that Money Sense article last summer while he was out doing some errand.   While he and his family shared the occasional supper with my family, he heard me constantly ranting and raving about D&P for months.  Much to his surprise, when he read the Money Sense article, he saw that it mentioned Development & Peace.  Naturally, after he had shared his discovery with me, my interest was piqued and I promptly asked him for a copy of the article.  And the rest, as they say, is D&P history.

My dear readers, this only goes to show how this great technology of the internet can have incredibly positive results:

readers —> bloggers —-> conservative media —-> decision makers ====> results (finish line).

It’s like running a relay race.  The bloggers are the second leg of the race, but everyone has a part to play.

There’s two other important points to consider here which may be overlooked.  This funding cut is bigger than we would otherwise expect.

  1. Because D&P’s budget has to go to authentic poverty and disaster relief FIRST, that means the “later dollars” they get in for social engineering  has been curtailed significantly.  In other words, less “Green” to spread their Eco propaganda, and less money to the Feminists who teach poor people how to self abort.
  2. My previous concern that if Church funding were cut from D&P completely, D&P would continue to limp along with almost exclusive funding from CIDA.  But in that event, they would be completely unencumbered by the bishops, and they would be free to go it alone, preaching their “women’s rights” gospel with impunity.  Now with CIDA’s massive cutback, that fear has evaporated and D&P is even more dependent on the bishops.  When we finally get the bishops on board in actually upholding Church teaching (even if we have to wait 10 more years for attrition to take place), then it’s curtains for D&P – at least as we now know them.  Remember, folks, we’re beginning year 4 of my 10 year prediction.

Don’t put it past the bishops, however, to make an impassioned plea to scam more money out of the regular useful idiot in the pew because of government cutbacks.  They might be successful in squeezing out a couple of more million from the ignorami amongst us, but it ain’t gonna make up for the shortfall, and it certainly will not remain at the level they need it to in subsequent years.  Nope. This ship has left the dock and there’s nothing they can do about it. We’re heading into austere times, even if the head honcho at D&P is still pulling in some serious six figure coin.

And speaking of the Executive of Development & Peace, Socialists don’t like to hold anyone accountable, I know, but maybe the membership of Development & Peace need to assess if Michael Casey’s performance during this whole disgrace is worth those six figures they keep paying him.

Or is D&P’s transparency diet for everyone, including D&P’s membership?

I’m sure the bishops will not read anything providential into D&P’s funding cut, even though today is the feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of Canada.

Still, we pro-lifers should be buoyed by this news.  The Catholic Laity are finding their muscle and more importantly, using them.  Now that’s Vatican II teaching I can get really behind!

And after we’re finished with D&P, we’re gonna come after the Winnipeg Statement.  Come hell or high water.

Saddle up, everyone, it’s time to ride.

3 thoughts on “D&P Ditched By Feds Because of Poor Stewardship, Value for Money

  1. CIDA is thoroughly anti-life, always has been. The money CCODP has been cut will be available more directly to Canadian pro-abortion, sterilization and contraceptive activities around the world. Casey and fellow runaway socialists will likely contunue funding socialist advocacy instead of supporting Catholic charities and working through NGO’s on the anti-life side. Rather than seeing a bright spot in this scenario, I see a drastic drop in real support by CCODP for the poor. Casey and crew remain committed to groups aligned with feminazis, eco-harpies and the culture of death population control gang. CCODP needs a house cleaning, but after nearly three years of denying the D&P scandal, Archbishop Smith won’t be doing anything at all. They completely pulled the wool over his educated eyes down in Haiti. They must all be asleep!

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  3. It is about time this organization is cut back after all the years it tried to make us believe it was a truly Catholic entity. I wish our Bishops would be more careful in what they recommend to their people.When we as laity cannot trust their discernment it is a sad commentary of what they should be doing to guide us.

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