D&P Collection This Weekend?

I just checked my box of envelopes and it turns out that the collection for Development and Peace is taking place this weekend at St. Patrick’s Basilica.

Don’t be played for a fool. Find out when your parish is doing the D&P collection. If you’re not sure, withhold donations until the end of Lent, at which point you can make a large donation to compensate for the weeks you missed.

4 thoughts on “D&P Collection This Weekend?

  1. I have an envelope for that too, but it was placed in front of the envelope for the 24th… BUt if they ask this weekend, I will hand in my regular envelope with my tithe, and the Share lent envelope will go back empty, with a note stating “$0.00 for abortion and contraception. my lenten Alms will be going to sponsor a child through Chalice (http://chalice.ca)” .

  2. In any case the whole thing around D&P is very low key this year. No kooks coming in and preaching environmentalism and social justice this year, thankfully. Our priest just said the Bishop has asked that we support it, and that steps have been taken to end partnerships with those who promote abortion and contraception.
    I hope so, but I am not ready to trust yet.

  3. I’m being very serious here. I belong to the Kingston Archdiocese and our Archbishop, Brendan O’Brien doesn’t believe anything is wrong.

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