D&P: Boldly going where the Vatican dared not go

Last week, John exposed two more Development and Peace partners engaged in anti-Catholic, anti-life activities, bringing the known total to 49.

I’d like to add some useful context to John’s findings. A key feature of the two groups outed last week is that they both support the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, knows as CEDAW. While the title of CEDAW appears laudable, it includes much more that banning unjust discrimination towards women. It also contains an aggressive pro-abortion policy thrust. That’s why the Vatican never ratified CEDAW. Listen to what the Holy See had to say about it:

“[T]here are portions of this Convention that made it impossible for the Holy See to take part. One of those difficulties can be found in Articles 12, 14 and 16. These make mention of the rights of women to access to family planning services. Since then, family planning services have been defined to include reproductive health services which might include abortion … a definition that the Holy See has never accepted and something to which the Holy See can never agree”. (Source)

What’s more, the bishops of several countries have spoken out publicly against CEDAW. A quick search on Google reveals statements from Catholic bishops in ArgentinaEl SalvadorSri Lanka, the PhilippinesNicaragua and Colombia.

Given how much toxic sludge we’ve uncovered on so many of D&P’s partners, it’s no longer a logical option to assume that they simple overlooked or missed this evidence. If D&P had done any effort at vetting their partners based on their adherence to Catholic principles, there’s no way they could have missed this. It’s just so obvious and easy to find. They would have found it if they had cared enough to look. But they didn’t care. They admitted as much in March 2009, at the outset of the scandal. Remember this?

When confronted with the fact that his organization is funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico, Gilio Brunelli, Director of International Programs at CCODP, admitted to LifeSiteNews that the organization has no policy of refusing funds to such groups, and that the CCODP does not thoroughly review the overall activities of groups that it supports.

“The criterion is not pro-life or pro-abortion,” said Brunelli.  “If the piece of work they propose to us is something we want to support it is something that is within our parameters, if yes we support them, if not we don’t.”

“We don’t have a policy for or against” abortion, he added. “So your organization doesn’t have any policy for or against abortion at all?” LifeSiteNews asked for clarification.  “No we don’t,” he responded, adding that such matters are “not our role. It’s the role of our bishops.” (Source)

No policy. No review. They just didn’t care.

Let’s hope the bishops can straighten them out. In the meantime, not one red cent.

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