D&P Bleeding Support

It looks like the momentum is starting to shift, despite the recent whitewash preamble to the D&P abortion scandal.  In case Socon or Bust readers did not pick up on these details from earlier reports, I’ve presented three very encouraging items below.  Keep praying and writing everyone.  We’re winning!

Vatican Radio interviewed Alejandro Bermudes, the head of the Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa who noted that in addition to the bishops of Peru, “the bishops in Bolivia and Mexico, have expressed their concern that the Committee for Development and Peace … has been providing … significant financial support to organization that actively are involved in the promotion of abortion.”  (Source)

…it’s maybe a good thing because the bishops of the English sector are very agitated by this, but the others do not have the same experience, emotion in the same sense…(Source)

Despite Archbishop Weisgerber’s assertions, the bishops of Canada do not appear to all be on the same page when it comes to the question of D&P. Insiders have informed LSN that most of the bishops of Quebec are onside with the organization, with a few notable exceptions. However, most Ontario bishops have taken the allegations seriously enough to withhold funding until the results of the investigation have been considered. (Source)


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