D&P, bishops developing protocol to deal with “social media attacks”

The Canadian bishops and their development agency are developing a statement of principles in the hope of heading off future social media attacks.
The Canadian Catholic Organizations for Development and Peace will model its statement of principles on the “CRS Guiding Principles” developed by the American Catholic aid agency Catholic Relief Services.

Like Development and Peace, the CRS has been criticized by online journalists and bloggers accusing it of working with organizations that support abortion and contraception. In 2010 LifeSite News questioned Development and Peace’s funding of a Jesuit-founded human rights organization because the Mexican organization had been cited along with organizations that advocated for legal access to abortion in a joint NGO report to the United Nations. Despite denials of any involvement in pro-abortion activities or any formal relationship with pro-abortion organizations, the accusations spurred a formal investigation by the CCCB and caused a crisis for Development and Peace’s public image and its fundraising efforts.

A clear statement of Development and Peace’s grounding in Catholic social teaching should help protect the organization from future confusion, said national council president Ray Temmerman. “Our work is not to respond to those attacks. Our work is to do our work with the poor and to educate in Canada. That’s what we’re about,” Temmerman said. Trying to answer to information that is repeated over and over on the Internet can distract the organization from its core work, Temmerman said. “It’s kind of this amorphous thing that has a capacity to get its members waving the flag and contacting bishops,” he said. (Source)

You know, the truth has a funny way of intruding itself into one’s business if one’s business has been corrupted by the world and people call you out on it.  D&P still doesn’t get it and they have failed to accept responsibility. They never admitted any wrong-doing and it was only public embarrassment towards the bishops for their gross negligence that forced some modest changes.

Needless to say, it appears that Development and Peace has not learned anything in the years since LifeSite and Socon or Bust (rest in peace) blew the lid off D&P’s “work”.   The Catholic Legate is still maintaining its fatwa against donating to that organization.  In fact, it’s probably even more critical now than ever before that we don’t donate to them.  The shift in thinking in the Church fosters more complacency and laziness in co-operating with abortion-pushers in the secular culture.  Development and Peace will only be too happy to go back to the good old days.  Like that song from The Who goes:  We won’t be fooled again.

One thought on “D&P, bishops developing protocol to deal with “social media attacks”

  1. Why does D&P even exist? Seriously. Check the Canada Revenue Agency listings and see the hundreds of existing disaster relief agencies, child sponsorship organizations, educational foundations, and so forth. Why duplicate these efforts? The bishops don’t need to run yet another one. These types of organizations should be lay initiatives. Seems to go against the “spirit of Vatican II” don’t you think?

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