D&P 3-D Decision-Making All Hot For Your Input!

…The bishops’ conference has encouraged people with concerns about D&P partners to bring them to the standing committee. But Casey said he did not know of any specific complaints by individuals. The issues discussed by the committee have come from bishops on the committee seeking clarification, something their brother bishops might want to know or something that may have arisen in their dioceses, he said…(Source)

OK Busters!  Here is your chance to write to the “The CCCB Standing Committee” and voice your concerns.  You can start with the two elephants in the room:

1) Where is the list of D&P’s new partners?

2) Why does D&P endorse Agenda 21?

Go on Busters. Ask them nicely.  Be sure to cc Socon or Bust and your local Bishop.

François Poitras
Senior Advisor for Social Justice, CCCB
2500 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 2J2
Telephone: (613) 241-9461 ext. 218
Email Form here.

Let us know how it goes. Shock us and tell us they’re really going to do something about your “concerns”.

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