Don’t vote for Kristina Chapman in Ottawa Centre

In every election, I always take a look at the independent candidates in case they’re pro-life. There’s an independent running in Ottawa Centre named Kristina Chapman. I contacted her to seek her views on abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide. Here’s the answer I got:

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you!
I thought about your question, however, it is not one
of my platform issues.
I would prefer not to take a position on the subject at this time.
Although I think it would reflect on a case specific to make a decision about
one of these topics.

I appologize if this does not help.

Sorry, not good enough. If you seek my vote, you have to earn it. You can’t just duck questions and expect that I’ll support you. I won’t give you a blank cheque.

No vote for you.

2 thoughts on “Don’t vote for Kristina Chapman in Ottawa Centre

  1. Thanks for the information. Kristina Chapman’s own comments will attract the kind of people she wants to support her. No need for her to apologize as her comment does help voters.

  2. Wow. Kristina seems very uninformed any time I hear her speak or read any of her campaign literature (including her website). A lot of what she has said doesn’t make sense to me and she almost seems like someone who just woke up one morning and decided to run for MPP without giving the real issues facing Ottawa Centre residents and the province any real thought. To actually tell a voter that you don’t want to answer their question is a whole new level of incompetence though. Very naive and very unprepared I think. Thanks for posting this.

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