Don’t pay the CCCB tax this weekend

Warning: this Sunday is the “Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada“. While the name sounds noble, this collection is primarily aimed at helping each diocese pay its annual mandatory contribution to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).

You read that right: the CCCB collects a tax on each diocese to fund their bureaucracy. This wouldn’t be a problem if the CCCB was actually doing a good job of promoting the Faith. But they’ve become a haven for the dissenting social-justice racket known as Development and Peace, not to mention the Winnipeg statement.

At the root of these scandals is the role of bishops’ conferences in usurping the power of individual bishops, as lamented by Pope Benedict and John Paul II. As a result, I would encourage you to not put a red cent in the collection basket this weekend.

The CCCB has prepared a generic ad to be placed in parish bulletins. The ad is very vague and doesn’t tell you that the collection is meant to help your diocese pay this tax. But that’s what it’s really about. You can read it yourself here.

If the collection is insufficient, your diocese will still be obliged to pay its tax, which means that it will have to find the money somewhere else. But we have to think long term. This financial pressure might eventually push the bishops to demand a lowering of the amount of the tax or implement a downsizing of the CCCB headquarters. It will also send a message that the faithful aren’t happy.

Don’t be a useful idiot. Don’t contribute to the CCCB scandal.

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