Don’t give in to your feelings

I fear that most of us have a romanticized view of what a Saint is. We may imagine that a Saint is always happy, as if they were already in the beatific vision. While they certainly experience a more close and joyful union with God than most of us, they also have a lot of grit. It’s not all smiles and roses. Often times they just have to ignore their feelings and push forward with sheer will-power alone.

This was definitely the case for St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. When we think of her, we tend to remember photos of her smiling as she cared for the sick and dying. Few of us know about the dark night of the soul which she traversed. Read a snippet here. She once told one of her followers: “Don’t give in to your feelings. God is permitting this.”

Now there’s a slogan every Christian should live by.

Feelings are unreliable. Our mind and will often know what is required of us even if our emotions or our body want ease. Don’t deceive yourself. If you give in to the calls of your body and emotions to pamper yourself, you’ll never get over the hump towards becoming a Saint.

One thought on “Don’t give in to your feelings

  1. Everyone in this world has to control their fallen desires,or the consequences are family trauma,which threatens the minds and souls of children. Almost everyone in The Christian West was taught this every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer, led by their teachers,until the Western Worldview shift began in 1962.Mother Teresa was pro-life and gave talks about the consequences of abortion on a society,especially on children. The effects on school children from Kindergarten through University,which lead to more legalized criminality, sexual exploitation,and mental trauma.Only a remnant do what is required after listening to reason,or Western Democratic Secular so-called neutral Civilization would not be indoctrinating impressionable schoolchildren into it’s morbid Worldview/Religion.When Seculars say they are neutral and don’t have a Worldview/Religion they are being dishonest.This includes their Popular Media. What about Catholic and Protestant Cultists who do nothing after listening to reason? We don’t need any more Sophists or groups of so-called Scholars who just blab,but teach us nothing about changing rotten Laws in our Democracies.

    Mother Teresa was outspoken about the consequences of Abortion on a Society,and told us ,and World Leaders that this holocaust against innocent babies in their mothers wombs who deserve our protection instead of Capital Punishment should be stopped.In Democracies for citizens to politically allow this to continue is Diabolical.It is difficult to make Saints out of people who are indoctrinated into the tenets of so-called neutral Secular Paganism, from Kindergarten through University, by adult teachers and homosexual activists,as so-called Secular human rights and social justices.What does the Saint Maker say?

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