Don Quioxte in Sodom

The second last line of defense….

As Tony Lovink, an out gay Christian teacher in the Ottawa public school system, says, “All private schools tend to be at least implicitly homophobic. And I would say all religiously formed independent schools are definitely homophobic.”In many parts of the country, these schools either receive direct government funding or else tax credits are provided to the parents of their students.

In those provinces where such private school funding is not provided — Ontario, for example — the fight for such benefits is ongoing. And even in Ontario, an entire Roman Catholic school system is constitutionally funded by taxpayers — even though the church denounces Charter interpretations that recognize lesbian and gay equality rights.The result is a battle for the hearts and souls of Canadian students, with the battleground being queer rights.And so far private schools appear to be winning. But the fight is not limited to private and religious schools. Indeed, not content with the freedom to establish their own schools, religious groups are continuing to attack the public school system over the few evolving gay-positive steps being taken on issues like curriculum change.In fact, in at least one case in Ontario — although none of those responsible want to talk about it — a proudly Christian school is part of, and fully funded by, a public school board and its taxpayers.

In Ontario, there is virtually no control over what a private school can teach. According to Patricia MacNeil, a spokesperson for the provincial ministry of education, any school that wants to grant its students government-recognized Secondary School Diplomas must follow the official provincial curriculum. But schools that do not hand out government diplomas are not forced to teach the curriculum, and MacNeil says that even those that do so are free to teach whatever they want above and beyond the curriculum.”They’re free to teach the curriculum,” says MacNeil. “But there is no formal ‘They must teach it.’ They must register with the ministry, but if they’re not teaching the curriculum, basically it’s a business.”In fact, MacNeil’s advice for someone attempting to deal with any private school not following the curriculum is to contact the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, she says the ministry has only slightly more control over those that do follow the curriculum.”In private schools that offer secondary school diplomas, we will go in and do inspections to ensure that their curriculum is in line. But we only deal with the curriculum.”That lack of control is of considerable concern to the Coalition For Lesbian And Gay Rights In Ontario. CLGRO’s Tom Warner says queers are especially vulnerable.

Source: Fighting the religious bully in schools


If any of us were not seriously considering that same-sex “marriage” would not seriously erode our freedoms, the article above certainly proves that it does.
The public school system has been overrun and now the gay ideologues are after private schools…which really means they are after the usurpation over basic freedom of association and speech everywhere.

There is a way to fight this, but we need co-operation and unity among the churches and various social conservative groups across the country. Without it we’re just sitting ducks, just waiting to be picked off one by one.

Christianity is being driven underground as we speak. Listen to what I am saying and wake up.

Are we going to come together? Or are we all just content to be individual Don Quioxtes chasing windmills?

There is a way to fight this effectively, but we need leadership and the willingness to sacrfice. I have a plan but I need people to help me bring it together. If you are interested in helping, please contact me.

Every second we delay is a second closer to the closet and eventually to the underground.

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