Domination and Muzzling

Khurrum suggests there is no place for him to air his views. Really? There are over 12 weekly Arabic newspapers in Canada, including one that is the voice of Hezbollah in Canada. There are 24 newsweeklies in Urdu, seven in Bangla, a dozen in Persian and many more in Turkish and Somali that churn out hundreds of pages every week. In addition, there are at least a dozen TV shows dedicated to Islam, which churn out propaganda for Islamists under the cover of multiculturalism.
So what is the sock puppet complaining about? He has an insatiable appetite for attention and the need to impress the other members of his boy band. How can you cater to the tantrums of a spoiled brat, set up by a puppeteer who chooses to hide behind a burqa while manipulating a naive and guilt-ridden liberal elite that includes Barbara Hall and the three commissars in the B.C. Human Rights Commission?
Khurrum Awan says, free speech in Canada is “really a far-right Republican argument being imported ” into this country! If free speech is such a problem for these Islamists, why don’t they find soil that is fertile to their authoritarian spirit, which it seems they miss so much.
Why can’t we tell the Bin Laden fan club in Canada: “You are free to migrate to Iran or Saudi Arabia… How can we help you?”Canada is a country where Muslims are respected and accommodated like in no other land on Earth, including Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is immoral for the Islamists to slander my country with the slur of Islamophobia. As Statistics Canada has shown, incidents of racism in Canada are far more likely to affect Christian black Canadians and Jewish Canadians than Muslims. However, truth is the first casualty in this propaganda war being waged against Canada by its own Islamists. (Source)

Tarek Fatah does a service to all Muslims by coming out swinging in the above National Post article.  What Khurrum really wants is not a voice in mainstream media.  Muslims already have that. What he and his Muslim backers want is total domination of how Muslims are portrayed in the media.

Not an equal voice but a louder one.

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