Doctors fear backlash against birth control pill

Two birth control pills targeted in class-action lawsuits in Canada pose no greater risk of blood clots than other oral contraceptives, says a national doctors group that worries a “pill scare” could lead to panic stopping of the pill and unwanted pregnancies…. (Source)

Good.  Let the good times roll, baby!  I’ve predicted this for a long time.  Birth control pills are getting the hammer now, and abortion “providers” are going to be next in line.  When the pro-abort lobby can’t hold up the denials about the link between abortion and breast cancer any longer or the pill and breast cancer, for that matter, then the real fun will start. Maybe it will wake people up that SEX IS NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT.  

If you don’t want an “unwanted pregnancy”, then don’t have sex.  Let those who have ears, hear!  Sorry, but that’s how our human biology works, folks.

Sex and responsibility within the natural law is how it is supposed to work.  There are times when a woman’s body is naturally receptive to children and times when it is not.  Ergo, choose your sexual activity according to her cycle.  And yes, natural family planning DOES WORK if you have discipline and mastery over your sexual appetites.

Dear Culture of Death and Birth Control Pill Manufacturer:

Sucks to be you right about now.  😀

2 thoughts on “Doctors fear backlash against birth control pill

  1. It will be a long haul. As usual, follow the dollars. The feminists are just the “useful idiots” of the pharmaceutical industry. The oral contraceptive is the “ideal” pharmaceutical product serving almost 100% of healthy women in their fertile years. A lot of money will be deployed to protect this cash cow.

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