Do your duty, Bishops, and renounce State funding to Catholic Charities

Benedict’s pontificate, while comparably much shorter than JPII,will have been considered a revolution for the Church.

The implementation of Benedict’s new law will resuscitate true voluntary charity after a century-long Church alliance with a government that has now turned against it in fury. But do not expect it to be welcomed. Leaders of these Church bureaucracies (including the colleges and universities) will undoubtedly insist that Intima Ecclesiae Natura changes nothing, that they need the money, and that they are already obeying it anyway.

Unfortunately, they aren’t. But it will be a brave bishop who will hold their feet to the fire; and it will take a brave pope who will guide, support, and instruct those bishops with love, fortitude, and perseverance. After all, billions and billions of dollars are at stake—a drop in the bucket to the feds, but critical to funding Church institutions as they are run today.

And that is why those institutions will change dramatically as Intima Ecclesiae Natura is implemented in coming years, and the Church renounces government funding (as bishops in Illinois and Oklahoma already have). Once those “golden handcuffs” are removed, liberated Catholic bishops will also be able to implement existing Canon Law regarding public scandal. Raymond Cardinal Burke, who heads the Vatican’s highest court, insisted earlier this month that, if a Catholic politician “support[s] legislation which fosters abortion or other intrinsic evils, then he should be refused Holy Communion.”

Such steps are taken not only to bring the supporter of “grave moral evil” back to the Church, but also to avoid “the grave sin of sacrilege,” as well as to prevent public scandal, since failure to act “gives the impression that the Church’s teaching on the intrinsic evil of abortion is not firm.”… (Source)

One wonders when this is going to come into play in Canada with Development & Peace.  My guess:  not bloody well soon enough.  I fear it’s more of the same.

My dear readers, we can clearly see that once the Church is financially tied to the State, the Church just becomes another organ of it.  We’ve lost our moral power. We’ve lost our independence. We’ve lost our prophetic voice.  We’ve lost the respect of our society. We’ve become comfortable and minor professional bureaucrats of the State. 

We’re bought and paid for like a prostitute – a cheap version of a televangelist with a Roman collar, peddling “social justice” instead of the other fraudster who does the health and wealth “Gospel”.

Socialism is triumphant where the Church is subordinate and dependent on the State for its missionary work.  It needs to end.  It must end.  And it has to end. Right now.

We need to renounce that ring.

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”.


2 thoughts on “Do your duty, Bishops, and renounce State funding to Catholic Charities

  1. I’ve nbeen saying for years that tax exempt status is nothing more than enslavement, and if i may use the terminology, it has left the church castrated.
    He who pays the piper calls the tune, and we all know how that works out.
    We can see where it is headed now, with Thomas Mulcair and John Baird essentially in agreement that church moral teaching is in their view against Canadian law and values.
    Sadly, It is quite likely that that stand by Mulcair will not hurt him at all politically, and that it may indeed help him. I believe we have reached the point where most Canadians, and even a sizeable number of professing Catholics agree, and would like nothing better than to see the government crack down on the Church over SSM, contraception and even abortion and euthanasia. And we have to thank for this situation none other than the Esaus of the Canadian hierarchy who sold their birthright for a bowl of red pottage.
    If you don’t believe me about my assertion of where public opinion lies, none of these politicians open their mouths unless polling and focus groups affirm these positions. When Baird and Mulcair are bothers in arms, you know that both sides have seen the numbers.

  2. It did not escape Baird and Mulcair’s notice that Obama won re-election by pushing the HHS mandate through Sandra Fluke, and the hook-up culture with that ad featuring Lena Dunham.
    And did so with the support of a sizeable number of those who call themselves “catholic”.

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