Do you want to know….

…how to channel your anger with the Church’s view on women’s rights and homosexual love into a passionate search for justice?

Hey!  St. Joe’s is the place for you!

We’ve let the Archdiocese of Ottawa know about this parish a few times already (the last time can be read here), but so far we see no move toward discipline.

Just more yoga, liturgical dance, and a convicted sex offender on staff.

Regarding the latter, +Prendergast has revoked his faculties, but the way our super-duper canon law with its “zero tolerance for sex offenders” works, the sex offender gets another shot under the jurisdiction of his Order, and still gets to play “Ministry” in the Church. 

The zero tolerance for  sex offending is as strong as the tolerance shown for contraception.  It’s so wide, darling, you can drive the abortion caravan truck through it.

I think it’s time to suppress the Oblates.  They’re the new millenium’s answer to the Jesuits of the 70s.

The bishops have banned whole orthodox Orders from their dioceses in the past.  Remember the Oratorians here in Ottawa?

Why don’t we ever hear of a bishop giving the boot to the liberal Orders?….Oh never mind. I think I just figured it out.


One thought on “Do you want to know….

  1. I guess, this is only for those who know what SOCCOR means. Soccor seems to have trouble to write in plain ordinary sentences. But then, a lot of people are smarter than I am. I probably don’t count.That’s probably why they make it so hard to see the “words” we have to type.

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