“Do You Have Any Idea How Bad This Looks?”

3:26 PM We’re back from a break, and Faisal Joseph is announcing … they aren’t going to call any more witnesses! They’re not going to call their third and last expert witness, as it would merely repeat previous evidence, he says, and they’re not going to call Naiyer Habib, one of the complainants!

Julian Porter is furious. Then I’m calling Habib! This is contemptuous of the process, he says, and disgraceful. He should be here to answer having laid the complaint. I was told I’d get a chance to cross-examine him. “I cannot believe” – he’s practically growling – “that they would have the audacity not to expose either one (meaning Elmasry, the other complainant) to cross-examination!”

Joseph: Talk about audacity. Steyn’s here, and he’s not testifying. I’m upset that I don’t get a crack at him.

Steyn snorts in laughter. (Possible reason: He was supposed to be in a radio debate with Joseph some time ago, but Joseph never showed.) Joseph expresses displeasure at this.

Porter (to the tribunal, quietly): “Do you have any idea how bad this looks?” He asks for five minutes to prepare, and then, I presume, he’s going to call Habib as … a hostile witness. Stay tuned!

4:04 PM We’re going to adjourn for the day! We don’t even know whether we’re calling any more witnesses. If so, we’re back at 10 tomorrow. Otherwise, we hear final arguments on Friday.

Talk about a cliffhanger! Will Porter get to call Habib? Will Joseph cross-examine? Tune in tomorrow… same kangaroo-time, same kangaroo-channel…

Wait! Porter in on his feet: “If Habib and Elmasry are afraid to testify, I don’t want them as my witnesses. They’re a pair of scaredy-pants, and…” I swear to God that’s what he said. The proceedings dissolve in even more confusion than usual…

CODA: Okay here’s the deal. Maclean’s is definitely — as of this writing — not going to call Habib. The only question is whether the other side, ie Habib’s lawyers, do: apparently they may change their mind.

If they don’t, then we will have gone through an entire hearing about Muslims exposed to hatred in British Columbia without hearing from one single, solitary outraged British Columbian Muslim (though Habib, unlike Elmasry, at least had the decency to show up). We heard from an outraged Muslim — Joseph’s articling student, Kurrum Awan — but he’s from Ontario. And we’ve heard from a British Columbian, the Islamic scholar Andrew Rippin, but he’s neither particularly outraged nor, it seems, Muslim. Even the lawyers were from Ontario, except McConchie.

And if they do call him? Then Porter gets his wish. See you tomorrow. (Source)

7 thoughts on ““Do You Have Any Idea How Bad This Looks?”

  1. This is just nuts: and one more proof that bullies have to be stood up to.
    Way to go Mark Steyn.
    You know what you Canadians should do?
    You should laugh the whole damn ridiculous bunch out of town and remember what makes you such a great country: because when your world-famous tolerance has been hijacked like this by politically correct intolerance it’s time, it really is time, to bring in the Mounties (or whatever it is you do) and say, “whoah, there, this doesn’t sound very Canadian, eh.”
    Ditch the Trudeau legacy and get back to the essentials: ice hockey, maple syrup and Anne of Green Gables. Everyone else can see that these are the things that make Canada great, why can’t you?
    Marilla Cuthbert wouldn’t stand for all of this mark my words.

  2. Send in the adults, put this in a real court and sue the hell out of these sad, sly, little minds representing the Canadian Muslim population.

    I haven’t seen any comments from Canadian Muslims opposing these ‘representitives’…..Some one should bring a case to the BCHRC because Awan and Elmasry are causing me to despise Muslims because of their lack of support for free speach.

    My charge is that Awan and Elmasry’s actions are likely to expose Muslims to hatred.

  3. I never knew what “run out of town on a rail” literally meant until I saw O Brother Where Art Thou, but now that I’m up to speed, it seems like an ideal way to deal with the numnuts sitting on the bench at this effing farce.

    That, or bring back the stocks so they can spend a few days being “exposed to hatred and contempt”.

  4. Oh dear, Canadian jurisprudence not up to Faisal Joseph’s high standards? Of course, if we were under the rule of the Master Religion, he’d be entitled to rape the witness, so no wonder he’s steamed he doesn’t “get a crack” at Steyn.

  5. Greetings from Vancouver, ground zero for Kangaroo Court Central. What an absolute disgrace this is for my city, my province, and our supposedly adult justice system. I have carefully followed the events of the past 4 days and am growing more angry with each passing hour.

    Besides the actual events going on down at Robson Square, I’m astounded by how many of my friends have no idea about what’s going on. Even worse, I’ve read idiotic postings like this one. Most galling is how he refers to himself as a “progressive immigrant”. It’s “progressive” to turn back the clock to something more akin to Nazi Germany’s show trials?!?

    I’m not convinced that Maclean’s (and Mark Steyn) will lose (to keep that 100% Hate Speech conviction rate intact) unless the 3 Commissars of the Star Chamber make the political calculations (or are tapped on the shoulder by their bosses). Either way, this has been a travesty!

  6. Careful Dr. mabuse! You might be the next up on the stand for hate speech, hopefully you are in a more civilized country that values free speech.

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