Do you have a Lenten plan yet?

The clock is ticking, but there’s still time to start a Lenten plan. Lent is a great time for spiritual growth. Yes, we can do something small like give up chocolate, but why not strive for something more directly spiritual? Try this.

Identify the worst vice in your life. Hint: what sin do you confess over and over again? For married people, your spouse can readily identify your worst vice.

Identify the opposite virtue.

Each day, seek practical opportunities to practice that virtue and fight that vice.

Just pick one vice. Don’t get ambitious. The spiritual masters say you can only effectively fight one at a time.

Moreover, they also say that you can’t just try to fight the vice. As Bishop Fulton Sheen (and others) have said, vice is better crowded out than booted out. You need to develop the opposite virtue if ¬†you’re to permanently get rid of that vice.

Give it a shot. This could turn out to be the most meaningful Lent of your life.

One thought on “Do you have a Lenten plan yet?

  1. In times such as these when people are taking their good ol“ time, cause you know don`t want to rush anything especially when it comes to sins and bad `habits`even though we may die at any second, and there is that ol thing called Eternity waiting. Nah! lets just take it good and sloooooooooooooow, shall we. I once heard that mediocrity is the opposite of excellence. Most folk do not even DESIRE to be rid of sin, let alone acknowledge it so lets just tell them to take their ol time. till they `feel`like it. Don`t want to trust God in matters of asking for the desire to be completely free of the sinful nature and sins (like in the 2nd Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary, -The Scourging at the Pillar -whose fruit is Purity of ALL that offends God) that we carry because we `love`them too much, now do we. No we love our sins and oursleves more then God…so we will just take our time.
    He asked Peter three times “Do You love Me“ I wonder why.
    How about wording it coming from the “we sense if you are speaking in such matters and this would be a practice in humility,
    as the , Cardinals,Bishops,(I can speak of some True Shepherds-Cardinal Burke, St. Padre Pio, for instance) and Priests do who I have heard speak admitting that when they speak to the laiety , they have the humility (some and unfortuantely very, very, very few do) to aknowledge… if anyone… they also must adhere to what they themsleves are telling the laiety to practice or do. Also, if it is not True Teaching from God, then stay away from it and stay close to Jesus True Prescene’ in the Tabernacle and Our Lady. Neither of Them expect one to follow the circus stuff that is now the norm being `preached or passed off as true teachings from Jesus. Never do these modernists speak on matters of the four final things as they should Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. Just luv`joy and the poor. When do you hear them say”we” must do such and such or stop doing such and such,especailly in matters of sexual sins, such as grave sins against the body like fornication (sex outsiede true marriage,) adultery,contraception, homosexual acts, in various forms such as sodomy, pedophilia, lesbian relationships, sins of the heart and tongue, lying, boasting, gossip, slander, calumney, detraction,) or talk about the sins of communism freemasonry, any and all occult practices (that are already allowed in the Church) . it is the difference of day and night especially in light of the current state of the Church and contry to certain comments uhhhhummm, about the Church has never been more transparent, or something like that…no that is what was quoted after all…
    The reason the evils and abhorent sins, heresies and downright lies of the Church are coming into God’s Light is not neceesarily because those committing them or who have committed them (Those in positions of Authority, for example), hjave been transparent on their own and confessed them and asked for forgiveness in the public places where they committed them as they should do, as well as private places, but because God brought them into the Light. (All thins hidden will be brought into the light). In fact one could go so far as to say until those in Authority begin humbling themselves and seeking restitution through the proper means to the damage they themselves alone are responsible for they have no right to expect anything from those they preach to. THIS is hypocrisy of the highest kind, and it certainly is not hidden from Almighty God, nor in any way goes unnoticed in terms of matters Eternal. This business, of business as usual or trying to act like everything is fine, is not working anymore, and it is downright mocking of The One True Catholic Church God intended to Be.
    When I was at Mass this afternoon for the Feast Of Saint Patrick, Our Lord spoke to my heart loud and clear and they were meant for the Church’s Authorities to hear. i.e the Bishops and Priests etc. and I felt HIs and Her tears well up in me. His Words were “Stop making My Mother Cry!!”
    When I went out to the parking lot, I heard a visibly upsept Priest who had been attending the Mass say as he was getting into his car to another man, and he said it loudly “was that supposed to be a Mass for St. Patirck or a festival, after all there was the clapping at the end…again.
    St. Patrick and St. Joseph, rid the Church of the demons
    and ALL the lies regarding where some of the money is going to so-called good-willed groups in D&P, and the phoney apparitions at Medjagorge, and the whole scam involved therein, AND the remaining followers (and they are legion)of these phoney blasphemous apparitions who are trying to keep the whole thing going and protected and are coming against those who speak Truth into lies. Not those who were innocently duped, but those who in their sinful pride, (and they know themselves, who they are) are infecting Your Holy Mother Church with their heresies, Get OUT of Jesus’ Church unless you confess and repent to following this so called version of “Mary” who according to one of their so called phoney “visionaries”, said Hell became comfortable after a time, or something to that effect. Srtaight from the mouth of Satan, and some follow and listen to these heretics???? Tell them to get out, and leave Holy Mother Church alone.!!!They are agents of the devil with their phoney false gods, and visionairies, and false prophets. God said “Beware of false prophets!!!” If the people do not back up God’s Sacred Teachings and Word based on Tradition pre- Vatican 11 when The Deposit of Faith was guarded as it should be and matters concerning Faith and morals were what WAS the issue, then stay away from these so called :”progressives” spewing their new form of ecunemism in the form of the “new evangelization”,
    as if what God said many many years ago, was ever to be changed concerning such matters. IT WAS NOT!!!
    People now just follow what they want, blind sheep being led astray to what ever tickles their ears. They do not want to adhere to a God who says the road is narrown and few are they who find it, but would rather listen to their pied-piper version
    who says all religions are equal and just luv, luvl, luv everyones
    going to heaven. Do not worry about the fact you contracept and or have never confessed you sins of the same or abortion or even shown a desire to have true reverance for Jesus Sacred Body and Blood. You gobble HIm out of hands that often are unclean and or were used to clean a counter or to pet a dog, or even hit a person. You stand instead of kneeling because you have made HIm… into your twisted digusting image of your own selves. You do not love HIM or Her, you love yoursleves. You are always looking around or up high with proud necks,never down in humble repentance and with a humble spirit. You walk proudly towards Him as if He is nothing, and you rush out of Mass to get back to whereever. You have no love for HIm really, and now you are so happy because you are harldy distinguisahble from the other “religions”. Just like one big happy clappy 12 step group where everyone says” who am I to judge?” forgetting one very real and earth shattering(literally)
    and true fact. Everyone will be judged immediately after they die and give an account of their lives. That is right after we pass from this Earth. But “ey these pseudo “so called phoney
    “Catholics” in all their heretical make-ups, who have lied to themsleves about Who God is, will probably reply: when asked Why did you not speak up on My Behalf and say Just Who I am
    REALLY? …uhhhh…”Whatever”

    Lord Have Mercy
    Our Father …Hail Mary…Glory Be…
    St. Joseph tell satan and his minions to GET OUT and STAY OUT
    and Protect Holy Mother Church and Jesus and Mary.
    Thank YOu Holy Ghost.
    I love and adore Only You Father God, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost

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