Divorce & Abortion

A society that accepts divorce is not too far from accepting abortion.

In marriage, the love between a man and a woman conceive a child through the conjugal act. Far from merely being a “one time” event, the child realizes that his call to existence was predicated on the love between his mother and father. But what happens when that union falls apart? What happens when there is no more love? Why do the stats show the incredibly negative consequences of divorce on a child’s self-esteem? The answer of course is that deep within his soul, he still depends on the unity of his parent’s marriage. He needs it because it provides him the spiritual and psychological security to develop into a balanced human being. It also shows him that he is not a temporary or arbitrary creation, but a permanent one. He is not some kind of fluke or mistake which was conceived in a convenient window of temporary harmony, but rather he was conceived within a purposeful and permanent sacrifice. If it was love that conceived him and made him a person, it is the same love that sustains him and keeps him whole.

Abortion is merely the logical extension of divorce, except that it is played out before birth. Both acts involve saying “no” to genuine love and sacrifice. Both acts operate under the principle of separation. In the case of divorce, it attacks the child after he is born by separating the union of his conception, thereby attacking his psychological and spiritual equilibrium. In the case of abortion, it acts out in the external world what divorce does in the internal one.

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One thought on “Divorce & Abortion

  1. I learned the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s prayer, and the book of Proverbs in school in Canada when I was young. We were not Christians then and my parents thought the teaching of the Ten Commandments in school was fine as any sane person would. The science textbooks in our higher education establishments had Haekel’s drawings depicting six human races and six ape species, allegedly showing the proximity of the lower races to ape species. Then in 1947 Darwin’s lower races got human rights and the vote here in Canada thanks to pressure from true christians who said that “all ” humans are made in the image of God. Things weren’t perfect but having the Ten Commandments on classroom and courtroom walls and in peoples minds was helping to make things better in Christian Canada. Crime was almost a non-issue. Our fathers and mothers escaped to Canada from countries where human rights were in the hands of the “ISMS” that were in power. Now when I went back for more education as a rather mature student I discovered that our Canada is now a “Humanist Country” where human rights are in the hands of the
    Humanist Courts, Politicians, and the religion of ” Humanism “is protected by blasphemy Laws.

    In 1948 Alfred C Kinsey published,”Sexual Behavior in The Human Male”, and in 1953, Sexual Behaviour in The Human Female”. Kinsey started the sexual revelution with his thesis of “Outlet Sex” and put all sexual acts on the same moral, social, and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between people of the same or opposite sex or with children or amimals. Kinsey declared that the”Kinsey Reports,” were “science “. This Kinsey and Darwin science is Bad Science and clearly mental constructs. Since Humanists like John Dewey,and Alfred Kinsey took over our education establishments we have had the Ten Commandments taken out of classroom and courtroom walls and out of peoples minds, no fault divorce, abortion on demand, criminals treated better than victims of crimes by the courts, homosexual marriage legalized and promoted in schools to children by liberal governments by this I mean all the liberal-minded governments,and governments ripping off their citizens by promoting gambling using public money,and rampant violent crime.

    All has happened on “our” watch. What are you going to do about it ?

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