Distancing Ourselves from Cardinal Martini’s Legacy

According to the current Archbishop of Milan, +Scola — “Cardinal Martini did not leave us a spiritual testament in the explicit sense of the word. His inheritance is entirely in his life and in his magisterium, and we must continue to draw on it for a long time. He did, however, choose the phrase to be written on his grave, taken from Psalm 119 [118]: ‘A lamp to my feet is your word, a light to my path.’ In this way, he himself has given us the key to interpret his existence and his ministry.”…(Source)

Did you catch that?  It’s Martini’s magisterim.  It’s his ministry. Not the ministry of THE magisterium.

And this one…

“…We would have liked to hear these wonderful words of Don Milani from the Cardinal, but we never heard them. Never.  Instead we heard others that disconcerted and confused simple Catholics. Words in which he presented, punctually, his countermelody to the teachings of the Popes and the Church. So much so, that yesterday “Repubblica” could risk praising him thus: “he never condemned euthanasia” , “ from dialogue with Islam to a yes on condoms.” All that the fashionable ideologies imposed found in Cardinal Martini a possibilist, open to dialogue: “it is not bad that two people, even homosexuals, have a stability that is recognized by the State.” …(Source)

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