Disgraceful Planned Parenthood propaganda cartoon for kids

The propaganda video below was so bad that Planned Parenthood had to yank it from their website.  But some sly folks saved a copy on YouTube for you and me.

The video is called Superhero for Choice. I encourage you to watch the whole thing to get a flavour for how Planned Parenthood thinks and how they want to indoctrinate your kids.  A few key points to highlight:

  • Between 1:30 and 3:00 of the video, a man is ridiculed for opposing contraception.  The superhero eventually drowns him in a garbage can.
  • Between 3:10 and 4:00 of the video, the superhero ridicules pro-life demonstrators (depicted as zombies) in front of an abortion facility before blowing them up with her weapon.
  • Between 4:30 and 5:35 , a pro-life senator is presented as violating the law for opposing abortion.  The superhero eventually cleanses him from “the stench of misinformed conservatism”.  Family planning is also presented as saving billions of dollars in the future.
  • From 6:00 to 7:00, they brag about their work in preventing unintended pregnancies in Ethiopia.

One thought on “Disgraceful Planned Parenthood propaganda cartoon for kids

  1. The very fact that the Planned Parenthood Super Hero is a black female is utterly ridiculous in itself. The largest group of Americans that abortion targets are African Americans. The rest of the cartoon is filled with horrific propaganda. “Choice” – for who? Obviously not for the child who is aborted. PP claims to champion human rights. I suppose those rights are only for those humans who are both wanted and loved. What about the children who aren’t wanted? They’re still children … right? OH right, I forgot. PP doesn’t address the scientific fact that life begins at conception and sells their customers the myth that what they are aborting is not a baby. Someone needs to give that Super hero, along with Planned Parenthood, a good does of reality.

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