Direct quotes from McGuinty’s gay indoctrination education agenda

Click here to see a brilliant ad developed by the Institute for Canadian Values. It appeared in the National Post this Saturday. It provides direct quotes from McGuinty’s “Equity and Inclusive Education” (EIE) curriculum being imposed on all schools in Ontario.

I’ve heard lots of bad things about this curriculum, but this ad really brought it home for me. It provides some direct quotes being taught from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 that really shocked me. We’re talking about kids that are 4 to 8 years old. I never thought the curriculum would be so overt and shameless. It is clearly, without a doubt, an attempt at indoctrinating our children to not just accept homosexuals but to give them opportunities and support to become one.

Click here to sign a petition against this curriculum. It is not only addressed to McGuinty, but to the other party leaders as well so that whoever wins the election receives it on their desk.

AND PLEASE, please vote on Oct. 6 for anybody but McGuinty. 

2 thoughts on “Direct quotes from McGuinty’s gay indoctrination education agenda

  1. I have read this disgusting policy and the equally perverted support documents and it would not be possible to criticize it sufficiently. Why does the Bishop continue to treat McGuinty as if he were a Catholic? The policy also teaches that all religions are of equal value. Teachers are to be hired and promoted on the extent to which they support the “equity and equality” policy. To say that it is insidious is a gross understatement.

  2. Politically Correct Relativism has replaced Christianity in Government, Law and Education and thus has permeated Western Civilization. It is a doctrine that teaches all worldviews are equally true and beneficial. Once the majority is educated they will accept this as a way of life, so they can be easily manipulated by the establishment. In the guise of Separation of Church and State the new worldview and religion of Politically Correct Relativism has been established politically. Western Civilizations Laws are made by Bills passed into Law in our Legislatures and Parliament by elected politicians, thus the voting citizens are responsible for electing Traditional Family Values Politicians.
    Has anyone studied the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Homosexuality is extremely unhealthy? What about Gay Bowel Syndrome which is endemic in the homosexual population and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sodomy is Morbid?
    Two Homosexual scientists dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have discovered a Homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere can repeat their experiments to prove them. This is BS meaning Bad Science. The Popular Media also helps to spread this BS to impressionable people. This BS is spread to Impressionable Public and Catholic School Children as truth by adult Teachers and that is Diabolical. Homosexual behavior Is proven to be deadly to ones health, and ought not to be taught to impressionable schoolchildren by adult teachers as just another healthy alternative lifestyle they can pursue.
    This is not homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts.
    Therefore Parents and Concerned Citizens have every “right” to put an end to this morbid indoctrination of Canadian Children by adults who should know better.

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