One thought on “Diocesan Bureaucrat: “Blogging should be made a serious criminal offence”

  1. by privileged gierils wittering on about open, feminist models of the family and such like. If I want to read a penetrating assessment of the family under capitalism I’ll read Engels’ classic, thankyou very much. People should be appointed to the boards of Catholic institutions like, say, hospitals on the basis of their proven commitment to Catholic teaching, rather than whether their surname appears in Debretts. Ordinary working pew Catholics should be promoted to these plum positions over members of the elite recusant caste wherever possible. There must be no more cases of empire-building peers holding Cardinals to ransom over the future of Catholic hospitals.The editors of Catholic periodicals should not be able to use them as platforms for their own bizarre hobby horses, particularly those which the Church has long opposed. Catholic publications are not supposed to be propaganda organs for reactionary Green population-control rubbish. Parishes routinely hold bereavement support sessions. They should be strongly urged to hold spousal desertation and abandoned children support sessions. Repeated contact with the casualties of divorce and aquaintance with the blatant injustices of family law, just having to face children crying because daddy has run away, would focus minds on the inspired wisdom of Jesus’ teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.Catholic marriage agencies should educate couples seeking marriage about the religious reasons for the prohibition on divorce and post-divorce adultery as well as the practical costs of divorce, in clear unambiguous terms. Literature should detail the deleterious effect of divorce on children, with references to the copious research on the subject. It should be augmented by harrowing pieces written by children from broken homes which describe their agony when daddy walked out or mummy installed another man in daddy’s place.It should also include information about the financial costs of divorce expressed in pounds sterling and set against what such expenditure would otherwise purchase the couple. Priests opining that “remarried” divorcees should be able to receive communion should be sent to minister in tough, inner city parishes where fatherlessness is endemic. There they could ponder their “compassion” at length while confronted with female parishioners abandoned by male good-for-nothings struggling to bring up fatherless children and battling with the CSA for a pittance to pay their bills each month.Catholic schools should be exactly that. Intellectually rigorous catechesis should be ubiquitous and mastery of the basics of Church teaching – measured by regular examinations – mandatory. Any parents objecting to Catholic schools teaching Catholicism should be invited to take their progeny elsewhere.There is also something to be said for the Church finally confronting the tiny grouplets of pseudo Catholic wreckers in her midst. I think its past time that members of We Are Church (WAC) are formally excommunicated. There are clear links between WAC and the porn-funded anti-Catholic abortion front “Catholics” for Choice. These people aren’t Catholic or indeed Christian in any meaningful sense of the word but in the absence of action against them some people might be confused.These are just a few suggestions. Much more needs to be done.

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