Dinner Chat on Mary & The Saints

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 Just wanted to clarify a few things from last night…

 1) I think I bungled the aspect of the intercession of the saints when I talked about appealing to Christ directlyThe true teaching when we ask for intercession from the Saints and Mary is not so much that we are not going to Jesus directly.  We are.  It’s not like the Saint is leaving you behind in your supplications and asking for your intentions without your involvement. Rather, it’s like the Saint “accompanies you” to the throne of God and speaks with you to Jesus.  That is a better explanation of intercessory prayer…not unlike of course what happens down here when we pray for one another.

2) Also, from a Catholic perspective, Jesus humbled himself to share in our humanity in all things but in sin. That’s what the bible teaches.  In exchange for sharing our human nature, he gave us a share in His Divinity, or as St. Peter says in 2 Peter 1:4:

“Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”

Therefore, from our perspective as Catholics (and Orthodox, for that matter), when the Scripture says that we “participate in the divine nature”, we understand that in the most intimate and maximum sense so that we become true sharers and participators in the divine economy in heaven.  So, when you read of the Blessed Virgin promising this or giving that, or a Saint doing the same thing, all that they are doing is sharing and participating in that divine economy that was promised to them by the Gospel  – not by their own merits or power but by the total immersion of their beings in Divinity itself.  As Jesus shared our humanity, so too we will share His divinity, and all the power and glory that comes with it.  God is liberal with His glory and with His power.  And He delegates as He sees fit.  If we are generous within our own families in what we give and what we permit, how can we say that God the Father is less generous with His supernatural family?

 3) I wrote this piece many years ago.  It spells out some general principles on the Communion of the Saints which forms the basis of our devotion to them and to the Blessed Virgin:

This one is also helpful…

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