Did you get a letter from “Concerned Conservatives Ontario”?

The vote for a new leader of the Ontario PC Party began today and will end on Thursday.

Did you receive a letter this week from a group calling itself Concerned Conservatives Ontario? I received two. They are overtly pushing Christine Elliott. 

This is very fishy. I’m not on any political mailing lists nor am I a member of any party except the Ontario PCs since about a month ago. Since becoming a member, I’ve received letters from the party and from each candidate. That’s fine. But how did Concerned Conservatives Ontario get access to the membership database to send me these letters? 

From what I can tell, I’m not the only one to receive them.

Even more fishy is that the letters have no return address nor any contact info inside. They’re completely anonymous so that the originators can’t be caught. 

They’re clearly targeting uninformed social conservatives because the letters focus on issues like abortion, same-sex “marriage” and the sex-ed curriculum, while trying to portray Elliott as the strongest candidate on all these issues! Complete misinformation garbage.

Please let me know if you also received letters from Concerned Conservatives Ontario.

Raise a stink on Twitter, Facebook and any social media at your disposal.

Email Patrick Brown so he’s aware of the shenanigans going on.


7 thoughts on “Did you get a letter from “Concerned Conservatives Ontario”?

  1. As Catholics living in former Christian Democratic Countries in Government,Law and Education it is our business to be forefront in Politics, where the Laws of our land are made.

    We ought to belong to Political Parties that have the most Traditional family Values Politicians. At party policy meetings it is known where we stand beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is because of Genesis 1:27 that colored people, and women finally got recognised as valued members of a free Christian democratic society,led by real Christians.My contemporaries started every school morning in CANADA and WESTERN CIVILIZATION with The Lord`s Prayer and Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.We had the highest standards of living in the World.This all changed starting in 1962 with The Former Christian States choosing a NEW worldview religion of so-called neutral Secularism.

    All sorts of evil began to be legalized and taught to children as so-called neutral Secular human rights.Wake up this secular variety of paganism is not neutral!Remember William Wilberforce the politician who worked tirelessly to end the evil slave trade!He wrote a book in English and the European languages that moved thinking Christians to finally politically act.The title of this book is even fitting today in the Secular Pagan West which is perverting it`s citizens starting with Kindergarteners. The book titled,“A PRACTICAL VIEW OF THE PREVAILING RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF PROFESSED CHRISTIANS,IN THE HIGHER AND MIDDLE CLASSES IN THIS COUNTRY,CONTRASTED WITH REAL CHRISTIANITY.“The ones who called themselves Clergy and Christians were behaving like Pagans. It is time for the majority to understand today that they are the political problem in our democracy.

    The Roman Christians were persecuted by Government Decree until Emperor Constantine took over and made Christianity his State Worldview about the year 307. Starting in 1962 The Former Christian West in Government,Law and Education accepted so-called neutral secular paganism as their NEW State Worldview.Secularism is not neutral,but is dishonest when it claims to be. It is to our advantage to wake up to this political fact, and show the consequences of secular democratic paganism to others who will then be able to teach many more.This is what is happening in Secular Pagan Land,and will continue to worsen unless the voting public changes it.Children are indoctrinated into the values of Secular Paganism from Kindergarten to University,even Seminaries.Political indifference in democracies leads to evil Bills being passed into law.

  2. Yes, I got both letters. They’re obviously from people hoping to help Christine Elliot, although I don’t know whether her campaign is associated with whoever sent them. If anything, they show that some people think that the socially conservative vote could make a difference this time around.

    My guess is that the letters were sent to Monte McNaughton’s former supporters, using his membership list.

    This mail-out is probably legal, but it’s dishonest and reflects badly on whoever sent them.

  3. Too many of the ones who call themselves Catholics in our democracies are politically apathetic,blind and indifferent,or hold Secular Pagan views.

    This is why Canadian children are perverted and their consciences seared by adult Secular teachers in schools starting with Kindergarteners.

    As long as the ones who call themselves Christians fall for the so-called “neutral” Secular lie, masqueraders calling themselves concerned this or that will solicit their votes and spread morbidity to school children .Check everything out and find out who is behind this diabolical political activity,and then vote righteously,or run for office yourself.Then you will know for sure why our democracies are so morally corrupt.

    In democracies the laws of the land are made by Bills passed by elected POLITICIANS,and therefore reflect the majorities views. Lets unite and take Canada back Politically for Christ’s sake.We need groups of righteous politically devout citizens who we can trust, and hold accountable to belong with. It is time for The Sleeping Giant to take sides politically for future generations.

  4. The letter was apparently mailed from Toronto. An internet search shows “Walter Pamic, an Ottawa-area electrical contractor is spokesman for the group ‘Concerned Conservatives of Ontario'” in several newspapers dated Jan 9 2009 and Mar 6 2009. The group seems to have no website. See walterpamic.ca .

    • These men and women are inexcusable.They certainly have knowledge of Christ,yet they do not glorify Him as God or give Him thanks;they stultify themselves through speculating to no purpose,and their so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democratic senseless minds are darkened.They claim to be wise,but turn into fools instead;they exchange the glory of Christ for views and images representing fallen so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan man etc.,and indoctrinate innocent,impressionable school children in these so-called “neutral” Secular views using adult school teachers and homosexual activists etc.In consequence Christ delivered them according to their free will democratic choices to their chosen lusts and unclean unhealthy practices;they engage in the mutual degradation of their bodies,and teach schoolchildren starting with Kindergarteners to do the same,they exchange the truth of Christ for a lie and worship and serve the creature rather than Christ.Our Triune God therefore delivered them to their so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Pagan choices.Their women exchange natural intercourse in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex for the unnatural,and their men do likewise,and receive in their own persons the penalty for their perversity.

      Roman Emperor Constantine and The Christian Church put an end to this criminality by declaring Christianity the State worldview starting about the year 307.So -called “neutral” democratic Western Secular Paganism brought it back starting only in 1962. In our Former Christian democracies in Government,Law and Education the voting public is responsible for this rot returning to Western Civilization.Secular Christian Church is an oxymoron.

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