Catholic Principal Fired for Encouraging Pro Life Witness

A controversial Catholic educator who advocated students taking part in anti-abortion vigils is no longer the principal of Christ the King School.

Catholic education officials said this morning that Paula Morrison is now principal of Christ the King School, but will not discuss what has happened to former principal David Hood.

“It’s our policy not to comment on personnel matters,” said director of education Robert Praznik.

Hood was suspended with pay for more than a week in October after telling the Free Press that he planned to organize students and parents to participate in anti-abortion vigils outside the Health Sciences Centre as an official school activity. Students who voluntarily took part would receive recognition of the time towards their required community service, said Hood.

He returned to work in late October. (Source

From a reader:  “I’ve just heard from David Hood’s family (the pro-life principal in Winnipeg) and news isn’t good. The Archdiocese and the Catholic schools board have decided (behind closed doors) to fire Mr. Hood.”

If this is true, there should be a major backlash against the Archdiocese and the School Board.  What’s the point of being a Catholic school if you’re in the tank for the pro-abort establishment?

LifeSite coverage here.

9 thoughts on “Catholic Principal Fired for Encouraging Pro Life Witness

  1. In Sodom the people appoint priests and politicians, who please their majority. The followers that cannot distinguish The Masters voice from Sodom’s hirelings, follow the crowd into the abyss. Will this change? We can only do our part for Our Father, then pray and hope.

  2. I hope they at least have the decency to change the name of the school. Christ the King. Hmm. That must be embarrassing for them.

  3. Wierd, given that publicly funded Catholic schools have been sending their kids to the March For Life for years. Perhaps the board faced a lawsuit from the abortion providers if the principal wasn’t fired. Given that Catholic education is an important part of the Church’s evangelizing mission, where are the bishops on this?

  4. Christ The King, that name means nothing to people who live in Sodom , and worship another jesus. Everyone ought to know that every false worldview has their own. The real one said it Himself, many false jesus will be worshiped. He is correct, and they are worshiped in edifices bearing his name, by hirelings. Who educates these hirelings this way? Empirical research proves why they are like this. In Sodom one ought not to be shocked at this. Sodom is still a democracy of sorts and voting citizens can change this, if they really want to organize and work to accomplish this end politically. What do you expect in Sodom where most Catholics and Protestants still deceive themselves to think otherwise? There has been a Culture War going on since 1962 for the minds and souls of our children, and it is this rotten now, and most God dammed Nicolaitans masquerading as Christians have been AWOL. A good professor wrote, Nation of Bastards. What does it take for so-called believers to get involved politically in this Culture War, and change this morbid mess?

  5. Protesting mass murder is not political activity. – Harper has made it abundantly clear that abortion is not a political issue in Canada. These leftwing nutjobs are hopeless.

  6. Harper may change his mind if enough citizens get on his case. The majority of his party voted against Him and his Cabinet when they voted in favor of Roxanne’s Law. Our education establishments have been engineering children in love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (abortion), from elementary school. Which way do you consider a brainwashed society from Kindergarten thinks? Ted welcome to The Culture War. Perhaps now we can win more battles. Who had the last word in firing the pro-life Principle? Those and their blind followers are the real culprits in this.

  7. Could you tell me the contact information (email address) of Winnipeg Archdiocese and the Winnipeg Catholic schools board?
    Let’s speak out for David Hood, the real principal of Christ the King School!

  8. PLease pray for Mr.Hood and his family, that the pro-life community will uphold and sustain them in this their martyrdom. We need to encourage and pray for ea ch other so more of us will have Mr.Hood’s courage to stand up and becounted for Christ.

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