Dhimmitude for the Decadent

A dhimmi was a title accorded a non-Muslim living in a Muslim State in accordance with Sharia (Islamic law). Early in the eighth century, rules were created for the interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims of conqureed (mostly former Christian) lands. The Dhimmitude Club was originally restricted only to Jews and Christians who were considered “people of the book” and they were accorded certain second-class citizenship within the Islamic State. Followers of other religions and atheists, however, were considered non-montheistic and shown the axe.

Aside from some very basic security and the right to practice a limited form of their religion, Dhimmis didn’t have a lot of human rights which we now take for granted in the West. Premium taxation was one concrete instrument that Muslim States levied on Dhimmis to ensure they knew their place in Islamic society.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because it might very well be the future of the West in a couple of generations.

Last week, we had the whole brohahaha over the Pope’s rather academic and historical remark about a Christian Emperor’s reference to Muhammed in less than flattering terms. And just today, we have yet another instance of Western capitulation and cowardice in the face of Muslim fanaticism:

THE bloodstained King of Crete stumbles onstage and holds aloft the decapitated heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha and the Prophet Muhammad. “The gods are dead!” he calls out to the audience.

German operagoers will not be seeing that scene or, indeed, any scene from one of Mozart’s most powerful works. For fear of Muslim anger, the bosses of the world-renowned Deutsche Oper in Berlin have cancelled performances of Mozart’s Idomeneo. The decision has unleashed a storm of disapproval from politicians and writers, who claim that Germany has fatally compromised the freedom of expression.

Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Interior Minister who is due to open a conference today on Islam and German society, said that the decision to cancel the opera was insane, laughable and unacceptable. Other politicians said it was irresponsible. (Source)

Well, Wolfgang, it might be funny and insane to you, but you and most of the Western world are not getting it at all. The Islamic terrorists see your culture as:

1) Decadent

2) Immoral


3) Weak

And guess what? They would be right. They know that the West has long forgotten the value of sacrifice. And they also know that any culture that loses its sense of sacrifice in order to protect itself is slim pickings for a culture that will sacrifice anything to be victorious, even life itself.

You all remember how our coaches in high school told us that the other team won because they “wanted it more”. In other words, they were prepared to sacrifice and suffer the pain and suffering which that sacrifice brought in order to be the champions.

Same deal here, folks. It’s not complicated.

Islamic fanaticism knows that we Westeners are not prepared to suffer sacrifice or pain in large measure. No. We need that slow, progressive, numbing injection we get at the dentist’s office so that when the drilling does start, we won’t feel a thing.

In other words, as Wolfgang above lamented, we are slowly giving up our freedoms and our culture step-by-step, until one day when we wake up in the morning, there will be no difference between the Sharia and Western law because it will be the same thing.

And we’ll all be dhimmis too, with all of the rights and privileges that that status accords.

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