“Devious Attacks” By Catholic “Fundamentalists” Starting to Take Their Toll on D&P Membership

D&P members have launched a petition letter to their Executive.  Check it out hereSocon or Bust responds below:

DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is defined as a democratic movement for international solidarity. It supports partners in the South. The organization draws its strength from its 13,000 members in Canada and nurtures their commitment to support the poor in their struggle for justice in the countries of the “South”. 60 000 donors support projects to support social movements with whom DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is a partner in many countries. Last year the collection brought in nearly $ 38 million.

As supporters, we want to instill the hope, strength and solidarity that is necessary to not let you deviate from this path and be intimidated or paralyzed by the devious and misleading attacks of fundamentalist movements seeking Conservative support in  Episcopate Canada.

Right-o.  This is not a matter of being “conservative”.  This is a matter of respecting human life within the womb.  If you refuse to address the issue, then there’s really not much to talk about.

The current crisis of DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has sown disarray among its employees and poisoned the working atmosphere.

Why would it have “poisoned” the working atmosphere?  It’s no poison that was injected, but rather a little bit of truth and tonic to disabuse D&P members and employees that they are doing the Lord’s work — which they are not

Silence merely postpones and exacerbates the problem from one year to the next. We recognize as you do the orientation given to our organization by the Populorum Progressio of Paul VI on the development of peoples are out of favor in some of the world episcopate, and the guidelines of Vatican II are often put on hold, or are directly questioned by Vatican authorities.

Where did Vatican II give you the right to enable pro-abort groups?  Have you lost your minds?

In this context, saving time by playing diplomatic games with bishops who have sworn the death of DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is bringing us  nowhere.

The bishops have not sworn the death of Development & Peace.  Provide the evidence or retract.

We do not doubt your laudable efforts you take to keep our ship afloat, but you need the strong support of these 68 000 donors, supporters, and the 13,000 members who make up the organization and allow it to act .

You’re yesterday’s pseudo-church.  Young Catholics are with the pro-life movement.  Get with the program.

The recalcitrant bishops in Toronto, Ottawa, Pembroke, among others may well want to divert donations from members for their projects, but nothing prevents us from receiving these donations through electronic means that have been smartly created. The position of these bishops represent only a fraction of believers, and you are aware that people are far from being in agreement with some pastors on issues as important as the promotion of human rights , especially the issues of women, militarism, and social justice. The dioceses are not large estates run by authoritarian rulers, they are composed of free people who adhere to the gospel. We must rely on these people and inform them about the crisis that hit us.

By all means, if you want to break away from the Sunday collections in Catholic parishes and other venues, please, please be my guest!

We are calling upon you to support our members and the people that are attached to the fundamental value ​​of social justice; to put aside the fear to face the political conservatism that plagues our society and our churches. Please believe that we will support you against these headwinds to continue to collectively support the poor and vulnerable in the South, and to give hope to those who need it most.

Why not give hope to the poor and the unborn?  Or is that so difficult for you to do?  You’re not devoted to the poor.  You’re devoted to an ideology which includes, at the very least, being ambivalent to the destruction of unborn life.  If you were not so, you would have no problem with the Reform that is now taking place.  You betray yourselves to your materialistic, Marxist ideology.

5 thoughts on ““Devious Attacks” By Catholic “Fundamentalists” Starting to Take Their Toll on D&P Membership

  1. Any idea who is the creator of this letter? When I went to the petition letter the 1st signatory was not allowing his name to appear.

    Funny though with such a harsh statement that this person isn’t willing to allow his name to show.

  2. Archbishops Collins & Prendergast, and Bishop Mulhall hardly merit the label ‘recalcitrant’. They are good, pastoral men who accurately preach what the church teaches. The fact that the author of the petition so harshly mislabels such good men is indicative of his/her hostility towards anything other than the ‘Spirit’ of Vatican II. Why bother actually guiding yourself by the actual texts of the Council when one can do whatever they want so long as they are infused with such a ‘spirit’? Thankfully, these individuals are a dying breed… raging in their last days in anger that their hoped for liberal renewal has failed so miserably.

    Fr. Tim

  3. Hi Fr. Tim,

    Thanks for your insightful comment.

    I hate to put you on the spot with an impossible question, but what’s the right pastoral approach in dealing with such people? I’m sure you’ve met plenty in you day. They pick and choose what to believe, typically abandoning the most challenging teachings, and invoke some vague notion that Vatican II made all teaching optional. How do we deal with these people when we meet them in real life (as opposed to online)? Any suggestions?

  4. By the way, our old friend Paul McGuire signed that petition. Haven’t heard from him in a while. That’s too bad.

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