Devil’s Counsel

The tempter is not so crude as to openly suggest to us directly that we should worship the devil. He merely suggests that we opt for the reasonable decision, that we choose to give priority to a planned and thoroughly organized world, where God may have His place as a private concern but must not interfere in our essential purposes. –Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth

I remember a scene from The Exorcist which has stayed with me all these years. It’s the one where Fr. Karras is sitting at the bedside of Reagan McNeil (the possessed girl).

While in the middle of a conversation, the demon makes the bedside table drawer open.

Fr. Karras says, “Did you do that?”

The demon says, “Uh huh.”

Fr. Karras then says, “Do it again“.

The demon responds, “That would be too vulgar.”

The thing about the devil is that, as the Pope points out, he will doing anything to remain virtually unnoticed, almost “reasonable”. That’s why the liberal fools who laugh at the mere thought of him are so useful.   Just like a politician, the devil never tips his hand, never shows his cards, if he’s got the game in the bag. 

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